Friday, October 2, 2009

in deep thoughts

this is the 2nd time i didn't get to experience the earthquake's tremor. the first time was in late March 2005, it was at nite and i went down to call my bestie on her birthday. if i was upstairs in my room (in Tangkak) most prolly i would feel it. all of us had to go down and stay out of the building before we were given the green light to go back to our own rooms. this time i was attending my drama class, and knew about the earthquake thru the radio..i heard Adi from Era talking about how he ran and then turned around to fetch Burn. then my friend said she felt the tremor too coz she was staying in her room that evening. 
i've been wanting to experience those kinda things myself, but then it's nothing to be really proud of eyh? everyone would be really thankful if they live to tell..and i think myself would shudder everytime i talk about it, if i'm one of them. i mean those who experienced it firsthand, not the itsy bitsy shakes. 
and tonite as i watched the prime time news, i was deeply those visuals shown. usually, watching that kinda disaster i would only be in awe of the aftermath. but this one brought tears to my eyes..maybe coz i'm thinking of the Malaysians stranded there. to hear them talk, it really is scary..
lets help them with whatever we can spare..there's no telling when our time would come. 


ZARA 札拉 said...

well, both of us never felt it too~

diya said...

i think x dpt rs lg baik kot..