Saturday, October 17, 2009

something reminds me

my mom watched 'all about eve' yesterday and i had sneak peaks of it, coz i was, as usual, sitting in front of my lappy. i was transported back to the time when i heart JDG..owh just looking at his boyish face again makes me smile ;) 
owh, he looks hot even when he's smoking 
he looks like a triad leader like this
and his character in the drama said.."i promise after this, i wouldn't drive fast, i wouldn't make u worry again and i won't leave u"..something along that lines..
that would be enuff..don't u think so? when u love someone, u would feel sorry if u'd ever make them worried over u. and when u said promises like shows that u love them, that's what i think..owh, but only if they're delivered and not just words..
it's all the little things that matters..

p/s: i'm a bit disappointed when i realised that my first final exam paper is on the same day as the one that TTTW will come out..da la lpas 1st paper tu bnyk reading subjects..


messyremo said...


TTTW tu ape?

diya said...

the time traveler's wife la omar..buku die best gler..x sbr nk tgk muvie lak..