Monday, October 5, 2009

my brother masuk paper arini

yesterday when i'm back in Lendu, my mom texted me telling about my brother's team which won the national pharmacy quiz. said it's gonna be in BH, my least fave newspaper. so i pun beli la even tho slalunye mmg xkn beli pun :p duk cni da mcm ape kn..ngan x tgk news kat telly and x bc jugak.
skali da belek paper tu cover to cover, x jmpe2 gak the news about the quiz. skali my brother ckp kat NST la plak..padehal mase beli tu mmg cm nk beli NST skali, tp cm same je sume kn..tu yg x beli. owh, my instinct sgt kuat these few days..
so skrg i tgk online je brother is the only 3rd year student dlm group tu, the others are all final year students. owh, sgt bangga okay..(^_^)
congrats to them..walaupun i bukan student IIU :p

bnyk keje lpas ni..huhu
-marketing quizzes
-marketing presentation..1st group to present plak tu
-costing test
-marketing test
-test on stage for drama class
-test bertulis utk drama class jugak
economy jgn ckp r..standardized test yg xtaw bile lg

p/s: td tgk kat BH ade MAS nyer ad..ade promotion lg..bestnyer..nk g mane eyh?


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