Monday, February 27, 2012


Rest day is meant for sleeping or just doing nothing -  at home. But today I spent the whole day waiting for my number to be called.

My passport has expired, so I thought of going to the Immigration Office for a new one. And make a new Mykad while I'm there, coz both the office are just meters away from each other. I went with my youngest brother, after getting our photos from the photographer we quickly headed to Ayer Keroh. I know there would be a lot of people there as it was after 10 am, but there were so many people..they flooded the building and compound.

We went to the Immigration Dept. first. But when we wanted to fill in the forms, we found out that my brother would have to come another time - as he's still under 18 and needed either my mom or dad to be present. It was the second time for him there, that means he needs to make a third trip just to renew his passport.
There were a lot of people waiting but I think it's still better than the Registration Dept. Within an hour I finished handing in the old passport at the counter and paid the fee after waiting. Then I was told to wait an hour. So I went to the Registration Dept. to change my Mykad. I was given the number 1374, when they were serving number 12** at that time. I need to wait behind a really, really long queue.

After waiting for some time (I must be crazy today), I decided to go out for lunch and come back later. Even after one hour, there was still around 50 people before me. So I went to pick up my passport, and continue waiting at the Reg. Dept...and nearly sleep there in front of the crowd :p

Finally after more than two hours (or was it three?) of waiting, it was my turn. And after done with the photo (which the guy did a bad job) and finger-print, I need to wait another hour. So we went out again, this time to Mydin Hypermarket. I was tired with all the waiting, and getting grumpy..thank God for ice-cream. I really enjoyed the cheap but yummy King's ice-cream being sold beside the Jonker Walk kopitiam there. It was really chocolate-y and I forgot all the waiting I did earlier. Okay okay, a bit not all.  

My brother said I eat a lot when I'm not working. Well I do think about food most of the time, and when can I go out and eat all the yummy food other than rest days? Haha

Friday, February 24, 2012

worth it or not?

I already planned on going to eat at Crystal Bay's ikan bakar when I heard my brother's coming back home. But mom wanted to try the one in Muar. Sabak Awor, to be precise.

After getting lost for a bit (because we have no idea of the exact location of the place), we finally found the place - dad went to ask a person by the roadside, and mom called her colleague. So we headed to Wak Jos' - a little bit further ahead from the Medan Selera Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor.
Image via dunia mayaku

We chose the seafood and waited for our food. Then I saw the sign for satay. Hehe. What can I say? I just love food. You can also order different types of fried rice and noodles, unlike the places that we used to frequent here.
We have to wait quite some time for our food to arrive, especially because there were many other customers.

But, the total bill was very cheap compared to the ikan bakar joints here. The food taste nice too. It's just a little farther away from our house, it took us a 30-minute drive to reach there.

p/s: Looking at Yusry and Lisa's solemnization pix wistfully..huhu.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

say cheese

Yesterday I was busy cleaning up something at work when a customer called me,

The lady: Miss..I want to order.
Me: Hi :)..what would you like?
The lady: I want chocolate Oreo cheese..blended. 

I was trying to minimize any facial changes and trying to keep composed.

Me: Erm..but we don't offer any chocolate Oreo cheese ice blended beverage here.
       We do offer Chocolate Cream Chip ice blended beverage. Would that do?

That is my first time taking that kind of order. Maybe the company could invent that new recipe after this - chocolate with Oreo cookies and cheese. But I definitely won't drink that one.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am not quite sure of what to call this person, or family rather. I shouldn't blab on other people's characteristics because I am not a perfect person myself. But somehow I need to vent, and help others to not make these kind of mistakes.

This girl likes to order people around and push all the hard work away, not even being discreet at that. She will just say,
You do do that..
I don't want to do any more work, I'll just wait for the time for me to clock out of work.
You take the orders from the customers, I'm too lazy to do that.

The animosity (or is that too harsh a word?) towards her grows day after day - how long can you stand that? At first I'm still being cool, didn't show any bad feelings towards her. Whereas I used to show every emotion on my face, people would know if I don't like anything. But now I can't promise that I'll be comfortable with her.

The first time she hitched a ride with me (after the closing shift) I told her I couldn't send her to her house. I was only willing to drop her at the pump station near the junction towards her house - it was around 10 minutes drive from there, and the area is not well lit. What am I to do other than that? It's in the wee hours in the morning and I would have to drive back to the main road ALONE along that dark area.

At first her mom told her to just sleep at my house. What the? You were not even willing to come pick up your daughter when it's so near your house already. It's not like she needed to be picked up at the work place. That one sentence from her mother already made me question the family's way of thinking. But after calling a few times, her father came to fetch her from the pump station.

Then I did the same thing every time she hitched a ride with me. And it's not like I just leave her there, I waited until her father came. I thought it was enough, and that they are okay with that arrangement.

But NO. Yesterday another girl told me that the 1st girl's father is unhappy because I won't send her straight home and that he needs to go out and fetch her each time I send her back. NICE. This calls out for Like father, like daughter. Or actually it's Like parents, like family.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I didn't celebrate Valentines early, it was just another way to address 14th February. Me and my colleagues spent yesterday (until the wee hours in the morning, hence the title) cleaning the store spick and span. Heard that McD in Dataran Pahlawan also did the same thing last night. I worked the opening shift yesterday and re-arranged the POS area, the manager wiped the glass panel squeaky clean and another partner was assigned to clean all the lighting fixtures. I was reluctant to come to work early and then having to go back there at night, after closing time. But when the time comes, I was really glad - coz I didn't have to scrub the floors and wipe down the walls clean. I know how I would feel this morning if I do all that - sore all over.
Image via The Phrase Finder

I helped the others washing some of the tools (as we always do every closing shift) because they have so many things left to be washed. And then I moved on to stock up the condiments bar, before cleaning the pastry case. Bad move. My supervisor saw me cleaning it, and told me to take the heavy glass shelves out before cleaning every corner. There were a lot of crumbs hiding behind those little corners.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and aching arms. I really need the day off today, but I can only rest tomorrow. Sigh.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had been imagining the yumminess (does that word even exist?) of the curry laksa after reading about it so many times at kak Peej's blog. And then there were also posts about them reducing the portions of food, but I was hopeful that they'll be good (as in being generous) when this outlet is new.

So I went to the PappaRich in Melaka Raya with my brother on this very day when I don't have to work. I hate going the same way that I use to go to work every single day, and would usually head somewhere else if I want to go out - but today was an exception. All for PappaRich, and they had to let me down.

The only time I went to PappaRich before was with one of my friends when I visited her a year ago (if I remebered well). We shared Roti Bakar Susu as we already bought sandwiches for lunch. That Roti Bakar Susu was so delicious and they were very generous with the condensed milk. We looked at other tables having delicious food, and I somewhat wished for them to open one outlet in Melaka.

Yet I didn't have time to go there for a meal even after they've been opened for quite some time.
So after putting it off long enough, I drag my brother there. I didn't even need the menu, I could just say what I wanted to eat. So I chose those two dishes and brother picked the chicken rice. Everything was a let down. The Roti Bakar Susu was a far cry from the one I had back then. I couldn't even tell it was Roti Bakar Susu when I looked at it.

The chicken rice portion was so small, and they give some kind of seafood broth to go with it (I'm not sure what it was, actually).

And don't even get me started with the curry laksa, they put in two small parts of chicken wings - totally different from what I expected.

All that for the sacrifice I did (I gave up sleep to go out and eat there..huhu).
Then while I was waiting for my brother who went to catch a movie, I hung out at my work place - every single day I went to work. So much love for work??
I was very sleepy, though and I think people passing by can even see me yawning (or rather, trying to stop yawning) :p

look here

The partners have been planning to have a BBQ night for some time already, and my manager kept on telling me (more towards promoting the event to me) that there would be a lot of food and that he would give me the day off so that it would be easier for me, than having to go there after work. But I guess he forgot about it when there were so many things that needed his attention these past few days. So yeah, I got to work the closing shift on that day.

Mom told me not to go, saying if the event was to start after us finished working - that could go on forever. Thanks, mom. I think she saw that day coming. I wasn't even in the mood to go to work that day - extreme fatigue and sore all over. The partners kept on asking me to go, but as I said..I was totally exhausted. Even from before work.

The other partner who was supposed to be in the closing shift as me, left early because apparently nobody's going to send her to the place if she didn't follow the others who went earlier. I was furious to see her work halfway done, being continued by my superior's wife. Even if she needs to go early, she could have at least made sure her work was done. The superior was too kind.

I wasn't in my best spirits that night, and then going through that situation just made me turn mad. Then when I already calmed down, trying to finish my work as fast as I could - the screaming feat started. My superior and his wife kept on taking turns screaming at their 3 year-old son. The boy was naughty, that's true. But he's just 3 years old for God's sake. It's possible that they're both still young, the guy is 5 years younger than me..and he already has a son. Or it also could be the case that I don't quite know the feeling of being a parent, yet. There's a big possibility of having a tiger mom inside of me - the control freak, and future screaming queen. Haha. All I did was smile at the little boy when he kept on pulling out all the drawers and opening the cabinet doors. Yeah, maybe it's because he's not mine that I can smile at him. But that's what I thought all the time, he's just a small kid - who kept on flashing his cute smiles at me. He does look a little bit like the kid in the picture below.
Image via photaki

Sunday, February 5, 2012

too late

I was famished when I finished work a few hours ago, and started to have images of piping hot fried rice dancing in front on my eyes. It was after 10 at night, and I don't want to start taking supper - and turn it into a habit. I snuck glances at the place selling tomyam and fried dishes when I drove past it, but that's all.
And when I'm back at home I cooked instant noodles for much for not taking supper.

I was supposed to work the closing shift tonight, but my manager changed it so that I went in earlier and came back earlier too. Today was okay, because I get to look at several hot Korean guys. Usually those who came were just..Koreans. That fact alone already excites me, what happens when fine-looking guys showed up? Haha. Seriously, I said to my colleague..I can tell that this guy's Korean just by looking at his nose. His friend's kinda cute too..and they are all tall. The guy with the cute nose even bowed his head to me when I said 'kamsahamnida' to the group of guys. Wow, first time ever a Korean bowed his head to me. I bowed my head (slightly) back to him. But still, I'm feeling like a Korean myself after that. Stop dreaming and get back to work..haha.

The next group has several familiar faces, I think they're studying here. But there's one guy who looks like Hyun Bin, and today was my first time seeing him. Even his hairstyle looks something like Hyun Bin's in the photo below. If I was bold, I'd point that out to him :p "Do you realize you look like that famous actor?" Gosh, that sounds like a cheesy pick-up line. But he was always with his large group of friends, so that's a no-go. Hehe. Like I would say something like that to his face.
Image via

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Change of heart

I made up my mind yesterday - I won't buy the tumbler I reserved a few days back at work when another partner was busy rearranging the merchandise being displayed. At least I was thinking first - that was what I thought. I was so sure I would at least get away from spending money on merchandise this month.

I was attracted to the tumbler because of the size, it's not easy to get a venti-sized tumbler that cheap. Usually it would be nearly double the price. And most of the tumblers came in smaller sizes. Maybe this one is so cheap because the design is simple, just a big logo and another tiny one.

But today after work, I was back to the original track. No wise words booming inside my head. Just "buy it, buy it". And just like that, I bought this Black beauty. Lol. I need to get this impulsive alter ego inside me to go out and never come back. Alter ego? Pffft. 

I'm kind of attracted to the Valentine's edition tumblers, but they came in tall size only. So, sorry cute tumblers..maybe your cousins next year could use some growth hormones before they come into stores :p
Is it obvious that I'm starting a collection here? Haha.