Thursday, February 2, 2012

Change of heart

I made up my mind yesterday - I won't buy the tumbler I reserved a few days back at work when another partner was busy rearranging the merchandise being displayed. At least I was thinking first - that was what I thought. I was so sure I would at least get away from spending money on merchandise this month.

I was attracted to the tumbler because of the size, it's not easy to get a venti-sized tumbler that cheap. Usually it would be nearly double the price. And most of the tumblers came in smaller sizes. Maybe this one is so cheap because the design is simple, just a big logo and another tiny one.

But today after work, I was back to the original track. No wise words booming inside my head. Just "buy it, buy it". And just like that, I bought this Black beauty. Lol. I need to get this impulsive alter ego inside me to go out and never come back. Alter ego? Pffft. 

I'm kind of attracted to the Valentine's edition tumblers, but they came in tall size only. So, sorry cute tumblers..maybe your cousins next year could use some growth hormones before they come into stores :p
Is it obvious that I'm starting a collection here? Haha.


somuffins said...

obviously you are collecting the mermaid merchandise :-)

ada org kat sini, cup biasa pun dia nak simpan, haishh...

PatinPasta said...

Haha! Well, if it makes you happy, why not eh? More when you're working hard, so a treat or two now and then is nothing :) And that black beauty sure does look cute!

Psst.. maybe weeken ni first time akak akan masuk *bucks! Wohooo! Hmm.. kalo sebut nama Cahya, rasa2nye akak akan dapat diskaun tak? Hehe!

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: nanti boleh buat contest, sapa collect the most Mermaid cups..hehe. suruh la anak auntie beli tumbler, boleh dapat tumbler discount everytime beli beverage.

cahya indah said...

kak Aida, shopping does make me happy..tapi lepas tu macam guilty sikit. hehe.
sebut my name 10 times kat sana, nanti dapat free terus one beverage of your choice..haha. boleh tak macam tu? ;)