Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had been imagining the yumminess (does that word even exist?) of the curry laksa after reading about it so many times at kak Peej's blog. And then there were also posts about them reducing the portions of food, but I was hopeful that they'll be good (as in being generous) when this outlet is new.

So I went to the PappaRich in Melaka Raya with my brother on this very day when I don't have to work. I hate going the same way that I use to go to work every single day, and would usually head somewhere else if I want to go out - but today was an exception. All for PappaRich, and they had to let me down.

The only time I went to PappaRich before was with one of my friends when I visited her a year ago (if I remebered well). We shared Roti Bakar Susu as we already bought sandwiches for lunch. That Roti Bakar Susu was so delicious and they were very generous with the condensed milk. We looked at other tables having delicious food, and I somewhat wished for them to open one outlet in Melaka.

Yet I didn't have time to go there for a meal even after they've been opened for quite some time.
So after putting it off long enough, I drag my brother there. I didn't even need the menu, I could just say what I wanted to eat. So I chose those two dishes and brother picked the chicken rice. Everything was a let down. The Roti Bakar Susu was a far cry from the one I had back then. I couldn't even tell it was Roti Bakar Susu when I looked at it.

The chicken rice portion was so small, and they give some kind of seafood broth to go with it (I'm not sure what it was, actually).

And don't even get me started with the curry laksa, they put in two small parts of chicken wings - totally different from what I expected.

All that for the sacrifice I did (I gave up sleep to go out and eat there..huhu).
Then while I was waiting for my brother who went to catch a movie, I hung out at my work place - every single day I went to work. So much love for work??
I was very sleepy, though and I think people passing by can even see me yawning (or rather, trying to stop yawning) :p


PatinPasta said...

La isk! Baru setahun lebih last time pergi tapi parubahannye macam night and day ye?

Harga still sama tak? Gamaknye dengan harga barang suma pakat dok naik je, tu yang kualiti and kuantiti dah terpelanting keluar tingkap.

cahya indah said...

betul la kak Aida, rasa macam pegi makan kat kedai nama lain..not the same establishment pun. sedih la camni. harga still sama kot, tak perasan la pulak sebab ni baru 2nd time pegi.

Messy Mummy said...

Tapikan cahya.. Most of the kedai like that tau sekrg. kadang2 sakit jiwa raga tengok portion yang secinoet tuh.. Dah tu, kenalah order sepinggan lagi (alasan org makan byk) dan bayar pun kenalah banyak..

Apa kata cahya cari tempat lain pulak.. yg sacrifice dibuat akan jadi berbaloi.. :D

cahya indah said...

MM: ada suggestions tak kedai lain yang berbaloi nak pegi? share sikit :)

somuffins said...

PapaRich dah lama bertapak kat belakang rumah I namun I lum pegi2 lagi. Dah you tulis komen yg tak sedap didengar, lagilah I tak sker nak pegi tempat tu.

cahya indah said...

auntie Som, tak payah pegi..wasting money and effort je. baik auntie masak sendiri, 100 times better..hehe.

somuffins said...

OK Boss.. hehe..