Sunday, February 5, 2012

too late

I was famished when I finished work a few hours ago, and started to have images of piping hot fried rice dancing in front on my eyes. It was after 10 at night, and I don't want to start taking supper - and turn it into a habit. I snuck glances at the place selling tomyam and fried dishes when I drove past it, but that's all.
And when I'm back at home I cooked instant noodles for much for not taking supper.

I was supposed to work the closing shift tonight, but my manager changed it so that I went in earlier and came back earlier too. Today was okay, because I get to look at several hot Korean guys. Usually those who came were just..Koreans. That fact alone already excites me, what happens when fine-looking guys showed up? Haha. Seriously, I said to my colleague..I can tell that this guy's Korean just by looking at his nose. His friend's kinda cute too..and they are all tall. The guy with the cute nose even bowed his head to me when I said 'kamsahamnida' to the group of guys. Wow, first time ever a Korean bowed his head to me. I bowed my head (slightly) back to him. But still, I'm feeling like a Korean myself after that. Stop dreaming and get back to work..haha.

The next group has several familiar faces, I think they're studying here. But there's one guy who looks like Hyun Bin, and today was my first time seeing him. Even his hairstyle looks something like Hyun Bin's in the photo below. If I was bold, I'd point that out to him :p "Do you realize you look like that famous actor?" Gosh, that sounds like a cheesy pick-up line. But he was always with his large group of friends, so that's a no-go. Hehe. Like I would say something like that to his face.
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Messy Mummy said...

Ahah, i dare you go and say that - even when he is in a group of friends ;)

*dah buat nanti bgtau na... :D

somuffins said...

Senyom simpol I baca .. Yeslah, I think you shd take MM's challenge.. Bitau aje dak Korea tu dia rupa cam sape.

Have you any idea diorang tu belajar kat mana??

cahya indah said...

MM: siap dare kan..huhu. tapi so far tak nampak lagi that particular group, maybe when they come in again next time I'll be ready to say that to him.. ;)

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: susah ni dah 2 orang suruh cakap je dengan that guy..hehe. Cahya have no idea where they're time boleh tanya yang tu sekali la kot.

PatinPasta said...

Betul, sokong MM and Cik Som! Ahaks! And nak tambah sikit, lepas tegur tu.. mintak amik gambor sekali tau. Hehe!

Akak dah gi *bucks! (jakun sikit).. 3 kali tau! 2nd time pergi tu, kitorang duduk kat sebelah meja Korean girls. Akak pon story la kat si Tomi pasal Cahya + *bucks + Korean guys + tumbler kiut tu (sebab ternampak kat rack sebelum keluar). Hehe!

Fappucino (ye ke?) white mocha = The best!

cahya indah said...

wah kak Aida, dari tak penah pegi terus sampai 3 kali kan..hehe. kat sana pun ada Korean girls? mesti la Korean guys pun ada kan..merata2 diorang ada.

Frappucino, kak. kadang2 kitorang kalau calling beverage tu malas nak sebut pepanjang sebut yang hujung2 je, lagi kalau berderet dah beverage kena buat. haha. white mocha dah takde stock dah kat store kitorang.

sekarang Cahya suka minum yang panas je, sebab nice smell..lagi2 kalau ada vanilla ke, caramel ke. best.