Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am not quite sure of what to call this person, or family rather. I shouldn't blab on other people's characteristics because I am not a perfect person myself. But somehow I need to vent, and help others to not make these kind of mistakes.

This girl likes to order people around and push all the hard work away, not even being discreet at that. She will just say,
You do do that..
I don't want to do any more work, I'll just wait for the time for me to clock out of work.
You take the orders from the customers, I'm too lazy to do that.

The animosity (or is that too harsh a word?) towards her grows day after day - how long can you stand that? At first I'm still being cool, didn't show any bad feelings towards her. Whereas I used to show every emotion on my face, people would know if I don't like anything. But now I can't promise that I'll be comfortable with her.

The first time she hitched a ride with me (after the closing shift) I told her I couldn't send her to her house. I was only willing to drop her at the pump station near the junction towards her house - it was around 10 minutes drive from there, and the area is not well lit. What am I to do other than that? It's in the wee hours in the morning and I would have to drive back to the main road ALONE along that dark area.

At first her mom told her to just sleep at my house. What the? You were not even willing to come pick up your daughter when it's so near your house already. It's not like she needed to be picked up at the work place. That one sentence from her mother already made me question the family's way of thinking. But after calling a few times, her father came to fetch her from the pump station.

Then I did the same thing every time she hitched a ride with me. And it's not like I just leave her there, I waited until her father came. I thought it was enough, and that they are okay with that arrangement.

But NO. Yesterday another girl told me that the 1st girl's father is unhappy because I won't send her straight home and that he needs to go out and fetch her each time I send her back. NICE. This calls out for Like father, like daughter. Or actually it's Like parents, like family.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a 'sick' family. I'd be very thankful getting a ride halfway and won't want to cause inconvenience.

cahya indah said...

Uncle Noir, if I'm in her place I'd be grateful too for getting a ride, rather than nothing at all.

somuffins said...

Baca your frustration makes my body sweat all over jer..

If I were the girl's parents, I wont allow my daughter to even go out to work, fullstop!

PatinPasta said...

You've done your part as her colleague the best that you can (which I think is more than enough). Lain kali Cahya suruh je dia pikir sendiri camno nak balik. Betul tak?

Akak dulu pon ada kes ala2 gitu la. Opismate nak 'tumpang' pergi and balik keje dengan akak. Alasan? Supaya husband dia tak bazir duit minyak pergi and amik dia. Buleh? Habis tu kereta akak pakai air ke?

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: maybe that's a good idea, auntie. Whenever I sent her home (bila dia tumpang kalau balik siang la) there would be no less than 3 cars parking there. Bukan takde, tapi tak nak..and nak mengharap kat orang je. Baik duduk rumah, lagi bagus.

cahya indah said...

kak Aida: Cahya pernah jugak terfikir nak suruh dia balik sendiri..haha. Tapi tak sampai hati kan.

Opismate akak tu ingat husband dia je yang kena pay for fuel la tu..Lol

Messy Mummy said...

Owh No.. This kind of people ada jugak.. Sib baik Cahya nie sabar lah jugak. If I have to face that.. I might just say it straight to her face..

U have been kind enough to tolong.. Kalau banyak bunyi lagi. Tell her u cant help anymore. Jangan duk rasa bersalah.. (maap yer, emos sikit...huhu)

cahya indah said...

MM: I meet all different kinds of people more and more..hehe. Cahya sabar2 pun still have a limit. Kalau dah tak tahan, most probably will cakap directly je..huhu.

wahida said...

Ya Allah!! org mcm ni pun ada jugak? adoi la hai...

ni mcm nak buli ko je ni...huhu...

cahya indah said...

memang pun kak Wahida..