Friday, February 24, 2012

worth it or not?

I already planned on going to eat at Crystal Bay's ikan bakar when I heard my brother's coming back home. But mom wanted to try the one in Muar. Sabak Awor, to be precise.

After getting lost for a bit (because we have no idea of the exact location of the place), we finally found the place - dad went to ask a person by the roadside, and mom called her colleague. So we headed to Wak Jos' - a little bit further ahead from the Medan Selera Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor.
Image via dunia mayaku

We chose the seafood and waited for our food. Then I saw the sign for satay. Hehe. What can I say? I just love food. You can also order different types of fried rice and noodles, unlike the places that we used to frequent here.
We have to wait quite some time for our food to arrive, especially because there were many other customers.

But, the total bill was very cheap compared to the ikan bakar joints here. The food taste nice too. It's just a little farther away from our house, it took us a 30-minute drive to reach there.

p/s: Looking at Yusry and Lisa's solemnization pix wistfully..huhu.


somuffins said...

Tak tahan tengok sotong bersalut tepung tulah..

p/s: Yusry n Lisa, auwww.... You cepat2 OK??

miss shera said...

craving for sotong goreng tepung!

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: secepat yang mungkin..haha. doakan for Cahya tau auntie :)

cahya indah said...

miss shera: i ate sotong goreng tepung lagi tonight..this one is better. hehe

PatinPasta said...

Wah! Ikan pari bakor + sotong goreng tepung = HEAVEN!

Terliur tengok tau!

Seronok kan keluar makan-makan dengan family, pastu order sesuka hati. Perasaan extra happy, food extra sedap :)

cahya indah said...

makan kat Wak Jos ni puas hati jugak, kak Aida. ikan pari bakar kalau sotong goreng tepung Cahya prefer yang kat Ikan Bakar Hj. Jeon kat Anjung Batu, Melaka ni.

keluar makan dengan family memang seronok kan.. :)

Ezria Shamshir said...

Hi! I'm just blog hopping. These look delicious! Kat mana ni?

cahya indah said...

kat Muar, Johor..go try them yourself ;)

Ezria Shamshir said...

Thanks! Nnt nak try ;)