Thursday, February 9, 2012

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The partners have been planning to have a BBQ night for some time already, and my manager kept on telling me (more towards promoting the event to me) that there would be a lot of food and that he would give me the day off so that it would be easier for me, than having to go there after work. But I guess he forgot about it when there were so many things that needed his attention these past few days. So yeah, I got to work the closing shift on that day.

Mom told me not to go, saying if the event was to start after us finished working - that could go on forever. Thanks, mom. I think she saw that day coming. I wasn't even in the mood to go to work that day - extreme fatigue and sore all over. The partners kept on asking me to go, but as I said..I was totally exhausted. Even from before work.

The other partner who was supposed to be in the closing shift as me, left early because apparently nobody's going to send her to the place if she didn't follow the others who went earlier. I was furious to see her work halfway done, being continued by my superior's wife. Even if she needs to go early, she could have at least made sure her work was done. The superior was too kind.

I wasn't in my best spirits that night, and then going through that situation just made me turn mad. Then when I already calmed down, trying to finish my work as fast as I could - the screaming feat started. My superior and his wife kept on taking turns screaming at their 3 year-old son. The boy was naughty, that's true. But he's just 3 years old for God's sake. It's possible that they're both still young, the guy is 5 years younger than me..and he already has a son. Or it also could be the case that I don't quite know the feeling of being a parent, yet. There's a big possibility of having a tiger mom inside of me - the control freak, and future screaming queen. Haha. All I did was smile at the little boy when he kept on pulling out all the drawers and opening the cabinet doors. Yeah, maybe it's because he's not mine that I can smile at him. But that's what I thought all the time, he's just a small kid - who kept on flashing his cute smiles at me. He does look a little bit like the kid in the picture below.
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wahida said...

ya ampun...lamanya tak singgah sini...rindu ko...ko sihat?

cahya indah said...

rindu kat kak wahida jugak..Cahya sihat, tapi penat keje. huhu. bestnya akak pi jenjalan kat seberang. jealous Cahya. hehe.

PatinPasta said...

Alahai.. sian dia. Dah la penat, not in a good mood lak ye. Nasib baik ada si kenit tu dok senyum-senyum. Gamaknye sejuk hati sikit tak? :)

Sebab dek akak pon ada anak tekak jek, so tak dapek nak komen bab tu. Huhu!

cahya indah said...

ye la kak, nasib baik la the boy dok senyum2 kat Cahya. tapi jap je, lepas tu parents dia dok marah apa tah sampai meraung budak tu, last2 tido..haha. takde penawar penat dah.