Saturday, July 30, 2011

crazy thing that happened

How would you react if you've been instructed to do something, and you did your best to execute it within your means only to end up making a fool of yourself?

And the best thing is, it's gonna add salt to the open wound you've had for years.

My batch had been outcasts since forever - by the seniors, because we are small in number compared to others and we are not as enthusiastic as them in joining the club's activities. Then, they started to make us look bad in front of our juniors.

Now, this failed task is going to make us live in their 'sweet' memories forever. Everybody contributed towards this, and it would be a good thing only if each and everyone of us realize the truth and own up to the mistakes. There will always be people who only notice others' mistakes and not theirs - but they are not school children that needs to be guided all the time. Let them figure it out themselves.

We were told to close our booths on the second day, and it was embarrassing to those that we had given invites to the event. The planning and execution were all in shambles due to lack of experience in managing this kind of events and those who had experience didn't bother to lend a hand. Then came the part where accusations came flying from all corners, and it became worse when it was heated up after being mixed up with emotions from old squabbles. Only one word to describe them - kids.

Then when they decided by themselves that they want to organize another event purportedly to be something HUGE with artistes and everything, it just convince me that they are just not matured enough to be thinking clearly. It's definitely going to need a lot of time, energy, passion and all our concentration - and we don't have that. There's only a couple of months left before our take off to the outside world. And they wanted to sneak around and hide things from the admin - that is downright ridiculous and childish.

Now I don't even know the final say for this thing. I'm just hoping and praying that it will not affect our final outcome later.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lying with a straight face

I've been Yoon Eun-hye's fan ever since I saw her in Goong. She's so cute you're never gonna believe her real age :p

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In her latest drama, Lie to me she acted along side Kang Ji-hwan and their chemistry is incomparable. They were very comfortable with each other and I just love seeing them together. Especially when Coffee House didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be - I want Ji-hwan to end up with cute Eun-jeong, and I wished for it real hard.

Friday, July 22, 2011

favourite place

I still love Seoul Garden for the all-you-can-eat BBQ and steamboat buffet, for the various types of marinated meat..but the last time I went there, I couldn't stuff much into myself anymore. Which is a pity, but now I found another alternative to keep my ongoing hunger for Korean food sated.

I went to Breeks cafe (under the same management as Seoul Garden) with my sister yesterday. She already ate bibimbap there once, and was really anxious for me to try it.

There were a lot of different dishes offered - including Western food and Korean. At first I couldn't quite decide what to have for lunch, but after browsing through the menu and reminding myself that I was there for anything Korean..I chose to have samgyetang. It is actually Chicken Soup with ginseng. I'm up for guk (soup) any time and I knew I'd like it when I first saw it (which I couldn't really remember when).

My sister still ordered dolsot bibimbap and it came in a huge bowl. The portion is really big.
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My samgyetang was delicious as was the bibimbap and I can't wait to go for visits with my sister again. She's my partner in crime for anything Korean.

Ohh, this months-long sale is going to kill me. I keep on buying and buying things in bulk because they're so cheap. Somebody HELP me..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

put on a mask

I'm proud to be a Malaysian, even though it's stated at the right side bar that I'm Korean at heart :p There are so many things that comes with the M-package that I'd never change - we're always big on causes, no matter what and we have a lot of yummy food (that would definitely top my list any time). Ohh, and we're also very generous. Give, give, give all the time.

But there's one thing that makes me complain without fail. The people of this nation love to imitate other people. When Bollywood was HUGE, we followed suit. The telemovies shown were always including some sort of dancing and singing complete with the traditional Indian attire.

I should have known this one was coming, silly me was only focusing on the real K-pop scene (or rather the K-drama) that I wasn't really thinking about the 'mushrooms' back home. They popped out real fast, even the real mushrooms would be ashamed :p

Actually, I'm the one ashamed when I watched these can they do this to me? Why o why?
I'm gonna pack my bag and migrate to Korea this instance while wearing face mask.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

backpacking to Penang 3

Our ticket back to Melaka was at 10.30 am on the third day, this time we opted for intercity bus as we wanted to ride on all possible mode of transport. We decided to meet downstairs at the lobby before going for breakfast together at 8.30 in the morning. But some of us overslept and only woke up when our friends knocked on their door before going down. That made us having to separate and those who were ready went for breakfast first.

Then we went around the Sungai Nibong bus terminal, and discovered that there is nothing much to see..apart from the Gintell massage chairs available. We put them into good use, to loosen up all our knotted and sore muscles from carrying the heavy backpack and having to walk miles :p

When the time comes to board the bus, we were delighted to know that we have the bus to ourselves. It was madhouse right from the start, and I think the driver was terrified of us wrecking the bus by looking at how spirited we were at the start of the journey and jumping here and there taking photos together.

He just needed to wait for a while, because everyone dozed off right after we passed by Juru Auto City. I couldn't even keep my eyes open, even when I'm feeling antsy with the way the bus driver operate the bus.

The bus kept on swaying from side to side which made me trying hard to be awake, but to no avail. And I was shocked when the bus nearly hit a lorry in front when I suddenly woke up from slumber. It was really scary, especially when it was the first time I was on a bus for a long distance journey (except for trips using private bus)..

Thankfully we arrived safely in Melaka after the 7 hours journey..but it probably will make me think countless times before going on another bus for long distance.

backpacking to Penang 2

We had to wake up early even though we haven't had much sleep the night before. It was truly a memorable experience, when we had to go to Penang Port by Rapid Penang only to discover that we went to the wrong one. I didn't even realize there were two different ports in Penang. So we had to pick up all our belongings and head to the right destination on foot and a small distance by bus.

Thankfully we were given some time to rest before they gave us a tour around the port. It was really great, until everyone was tired plus hungry and couldn't take it anymore.

But their hospitality was so good that they even offered to bring us to the new star cruise terminal on the island side. And we were even given a tour inside the ferry's engine room while crossing over to the island.

Then we checked in at the hotel and freshen up a bit before going out to lunch (at 4 pm -.-). We were taken to Subaidah's (like we don't have any, here in Melaka) and everyone ate like there was no tomorrow :p.

Next we head to Penang Hill for the new electric train, besides a lot of my classmates haven't been there before. There were a large number of tourists from Middle East right from the foot of the hill to the top. One lady who sat beside me on the way downhill even talked to me and asked about my simple gold bracelet, saying it's nice. I couldn't remember the price when she asked though, because it's been years since mom bought it for me. Maybe the design is different from what the lady are used too in her country.

After that we went to Ferringhi night market and I had a blast there because I love bargaining for things :p. Mostly the price are ridiculously high especially when there are Caucasians and Middle Easterns tourist everywhere. One guy even put 10 times the actual price for a hand-held fan - it was sold for less than MYR5 here at Jonker Street and he wanted to sell it to us for MYR25, saying he sold it to foreigners at MYR59. Just beware of the cutthroat price.
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Last of all, we headed to Padang Kota for the famous Pasembor. I don't know which stall is the best among all, and just chose one. The verdict: I think I ate better Pasembor at Gurney Drive years back.

Then we were given some time by ourselves, but since my foot hurt from all the walking all day long I just sat down and watched other people. My friends went crazy over this couple selling handicraft by the roadside. After such a tiring day we went back to the hotel and as expected I had blisters on my foot and it hurt terribly until I couldn't walk without wincing now and then :(

backpacking to Penang 1

Penang was our second choice after Sabah, but it was a really good trip. I think it was for the best that we went to Penang, since it was so time consuming (due to our many modes of transport) and we didn't get to go to many places. I've been to Penang a few times and I can always go back there because my aunt resides there ;)

We started to gather in front of the campus before the trip around 10 in the morning and then were told to fill our tummy with Chicken rice first before we started the journey. Everyone was so excited because this is the first time we had this kind of 'vacation'. Usually our trip would only be for 1 day, but this is totally different.

Then the bus we chartered arrived, and we started our first leg of the journey to Penang.

The bus brought us to Pulau Sebang Train Station in Tampin where we had to wait for a long time for the train to arrive. We bought the ticket for 1 pm, but the train only arrived 45 minutes later. What else can we do other than take a lot of pictures to kill the time :p

When the train arrived, everyone jumped into our designated coach as we were bored to death and need to get away from the sleepy train station. Alas, the coach's air conditioning system was faulty and we had to sit there while sweating buckets. Fortunately, me and one of my friends brought hand-held fans - then all of us took turns fanning ourselves. And since it was so hot, I couldn't sleep a wink on the train.

Lots of stops later, the person in-charge on the train allowed us to change to another coach where the air-con worked. Then when night came, and I think it was around a couple of hours before we arrive at our destination..we went to play at the first class coach. There was nobody around except for the staff. Next time I'm definitely choosing the first class seat.

We arrived in Butterworth some time before 11pm and it was right before the station was closed.

Then we had to wait for the cabbie to make several rounds to send us safely to the place where we were staying. It was a homestay in Teluk Air Tawar. Then the cabbie suggested to us to eat at the Original Chicken Chop shop, saying it was the best chicken chop there.

So we put down our stuff and went to the restaurant - but it was nothing to shout about. The gravy was too salty for my liking.
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After the supper, we went back to our rooms and prepared to sleep before having to wake up early for the schedule-packed day the next morning.

a little do

As the number of high achievers has gone up last semester compared to the one before, we were treated to a lunch and not dinner like the first occasion. This semester's event was organized by the Accounting+Information System's faculty and I noticed several things lacking.

Our own  business faculty organized the first one, and even though it wasn't that lively, it was better in terms of the flow of the event. The second time around was different. The people in-charge didn't bother to double and triple check if the students are really there. They just randomly ask several tables if everyone was present. I laud what our lecturers did before, when they were very particular about where we sit - all according to the sequence to make it easy when we went on stage.

This time, some things went awry - the certificates got mixed up (luckily I got mine) and the way lunch was served was horrible. The appetizer was only served when we were eating the main course. Next semester's do is going to be organized by the Mass Communication's faculty and I'm really sad I won't be there to attend it. It would be totally different and delightful, I know.

Monday, July 4, 2011

huge difference

Sometimes I am curious as to how different our brains work - what can determine the way we think? How about the way we speak?

Is it because of our family background, OR our friends, OR even our education (formal and informal)? I really want to know, maybe it can help when I have kids of my own in the future. But nobody really knows the secret, right? No offense, but there are kids of prominent and well respected citizen of the community that don't turn out right. Who can raise their kid to be a perfect person? Nah, not possible.

Even so, I'm somewhat bewildered when I noticed that being educated abroad and having experienced other cultures does not make everyone have better perceptions. Some of them can be as discriminatory as people who are not as fortunate as them.

On the contrary, there are a lot of people that I personally think are better than the 'fortunate' ones. They can distinguish what is acceptable and what is not.

These are just my view, maybe it's the liberal me thinking and typing. But I'm deeply perturbed by someone's opinion that keeps nagging at the back of my head - girls who is still not married at a later age than 27 is an old maid. That is so inflexible. Humph..

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Everyone knows that there are just so many things out there that needs to be seen, touched, tasted..while you still can. Yeah, we can do things even after we tied the knot. But it wouldn't be the same.

I want to travel, see the sun rise at a foreign beach as cliched as it sounds, dream a lot of different possibilities in life AND make them happen, build a foundation for my biggest dream (that has been in my head for years), do a whole lot of things..

But what will happen to all those things after marriage? It would be tucked deep in the back of your head, folded between the deepest layers of heart..ONLY.

I believe I'm having a change of stand as I'm typing this post..I'm not saying no to it, just letting it go for a while.