Sunday, July 17, 2011

backpacking to Penang 1

Penang was our second choice after Sabah, but it was a really good trip. I think it was for the best that we went to Penang, since it was so time consuming (due to our many modes of transport) and we didn't get to go to many places. I've been to Penang a few times and I can always go back there because my aunt resides there ;)

We started to gather in front of the campus before the trip around 10 in the morning and then were told to fill our tummy with Chicken rice first before we started the journey. Everyone was so excited because this is the first time we had this kind of 'vacation'. Usually our trip would only be for 1 day, but this is totally different.

Then the bus we chartered arrived, and we started our first leg of the journey to Penang.

The bus brought us to Pulau Sebang Train Station in Tampin where we had to wait for a long time for the train to arrive. We bought the ticket for 1 pm, but the train only arrived 45 minutes later. What else can we do other than take a lot of pictures to kill the time :p

When the train arrived, everyone jumped into our designated coach as we were bored to death and need to get away from the sleepy train station. Alas, the coach's air conditioning system was faulty and we had to sit there while sweating buckets. Fortunately, me and one of my friends brought hand-held fans - then all of us took turns fanning ourselves. And since it was so hot, I couldn't sleep a wink on the train.

Lots of stops later, the person in-charge on the train allowed us to change to another coach where the air-con worked. Then when night came, and I think it was around a couple of hours before we arrive at our destination..we went to play at the first class coach. There was nobody around except for the staff. Next time I'm definitely choosing the first class seat.

We arrived in Butterworth some time before 11pm and it was right before the station was closed.

Then we had to wait for the cabbie to make several rounds to send us safely to the place where we were staying. It was a homestay in Teluk Air Tawar. Then the cabbie suggested to us to eat at the Original Chicken Chop shop, saying it was the best chicken chop there.

So we put down our stuff and went to the restaurant - but it was nothing to shout about. The gravy was too salty for my liking.
Images from Google and Photobucket

After the supper, we went back to our rooms and prepared to sleep before having to wake up early for the schedule-packed day the next morning.

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