Sunday, July 17, 2011

a little do

As the number of high achievers has gone up last semester compared to the one before, we were treated to a lunch and not dinner like the first occasion. This semester's event was organized by the Accounting+Information System's faculty and I noticed several things lacking.

Our own  business faculty organized the first one, and even though it wasn't that lively, it was better in terms of the flow of the event. The second time around was different. The people in-charge didn't bother to double and triple check if the students are really there. They just randomly ask several tables if everyone was present. I laud what our lecturers did before, when they were very particular about where we sit - all according to the sequence to make it easy when we went on stage.

This time, some things went awry - the certificates got mixed up (luckily I got mine) and the way lunch was served was horrible. The appetizer was only served when we were eating the main course. Next semester's do is going to be organized by the Mass Communication's faculty and I'm really sad I won't be there to attend it. It would be totally different and delightful, I know.

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