Friday, July 22, 2011

favourite place

I still love Seoul Garden for the all-you-can-eat BBQ and steamboat buffet, for the various types of marinated meat..but the last time I went there, I couldn't stuff much into myself anymore. Which is a pity, but now I found another alternative to keep my ongoing hunger for Korean food sated.

I went to Breeks cafe (under the same management as Seoul Garden) with my sister yesterday. She already ate bibimbap there once, and was really anxious for me to try it.

There were a lot of different dishes offered - including Western food and Korean. At first I couldn't quite decide what to have for lunch, but after browsing through the menu and reminding myself that I was there for anything Korean..I chose to have samgyetang. It is actually Chicken Soup with ginseng. I'm up for guk (soup) any time and I knew I'd like it when I first saw it (which I couldn't really remember when).

My sister still ordered dolsot bibimbap and it came in a huge bowl. The portion is really big.
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My samgyetang was delicious as was the bibimbap and I can't wait to go for visits with my sister again. She's my partner in crime for anything Korean.

Ohh, this months-long sale is going to kill me. I keep on buying and buying things in bulk because they're so cheap. Somebody HELP me..

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