Sunday, July 17, 2011

backpacking to Penang 3

Our ticket back to Melaka was at 10.30 am on the third day, this time we opted for intercity bus as we wanted to ride on all possible mode of transport. We decided to meet downstairs at the lobby before going for breakfast together at 8.30 in the morning. But some of us overslept and only woke up when our friends knocked on their door before going down. That made us having to separate and those who were ready went for breakfast first.

Then we went around the Sungai Nibong bus terminal, and discovered that there is nothing much to see..apart from the Gintell massage chairs available. We put them into good use, to loosen up all our knotted and sore muscles from carrying the heavy backpack and having to walk miles :p

When the time comes to board the bus, we were delighted to know that we have the bus to ourselves. It was madhouse right from the start, and I think the driver was terrified of us wrecking the bus by looking at how spirited we were at the start of the journey and jumping here and there taking photos together.

He just needed to wait for a while, because everyone dozed off right after we passed by Juru Auto City. I couldn't even keep my eyes open, even when I'm feeling antsy with the way the bus driver operate the bus.

The bus kept on swaying from side to side which made me trying hard to be awake, but to no avail. And I was shocked when the bus nearly hit a lorry in front when I suddenly woke up from slumber. It was really scary, especially when it was the first time I was on a bus for a long distance journey (except for trips using private bus)..

Thankfully we arrived safely in Melaka after the 7 hours journey..but it probably will make me think countless times before going on another bus for long distance.

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