Friday, July 1, 2011

my choice

I've been waiting for my graduation for the longest time ever. I'm going to get a job, work real hard to earn some money, pay the rent for a room by myself, and save some of my pay for a car (hopefully) among other things in my long list.

That is basically what most undergraduates dream about, right. Plus some other things like getting married and stuff.

I'm thinking of getting out of my comfort zone, I want to learn new things and live the life I've only seen on the telly and in dreams. My graduation won't be for another few months, but I've made my decision on the place..THE place. The one where everything bitter, sour, sweet and salty will make gullible me grow up.
Any idea where this place is?

Maybe Kuala Lumpur, the big city everyone is so proud of..

Maybe Penang, where everyone raves about the food..

Maybe Sarawak, the place rich in culture..

Maybe Sabah, with the enticing beaches and islands..

Or maybe the liberal Lion City?
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somuffins said...


Congratulations on receiving the Dean's List. Dah beli kasut n baju liplap for the occasion lum?

It is so brave of you to move away from the existing comfort zone. Good luck n take care.

aiko kato said...

owhh...going to grad soon..congrats!!
br nak nak kenal dunia kn...all da best 2 u!!

a bit of advise here, dun choose a place to work..but do choose a work..tmpat itu tidak ptg..but d most important thing is how the work is and environment kerja itu sndiri...

I do think if a person were to work in africa pn, as long as u enjoy the work..any place shud b ok...;)

and owh...dun be to quick on being so independent honey...step by step is a journey...kindly embrace it accordingly....

have fun working ya...^_~

- from an ex graduate

cahya indah said...

somuffins: thank you ;) I da beli da baju, excited shopping tadi, da la sale merata2..hehe.
Maybe sebab ada ambition nak jadi a successful entrepreneur, tu yg kena fikir macam mana nak start my working life. Again, thank you for the wishes.

aiko kato: thank you for the wishes too. I da pilih what I want to do, lepas tu pilih tempat best supaya there will be extra good feelings..hehe ;)