Saturday, July 30, 2011

crazy thing that happened

How would you react if you've been instructed to do something, and you did your best to execute it within your means only to end up making a fool of yourself?

And the best thing is, it's gonna add salt to the open wound you've had for years.

My batch had been outcasts since forever - by the seniors, because we are small in number compared to others and we are not as enthusiastic as them in joining the club's activities. Then, they started to make us look bad in front of our juniors.

Now, this failed task is going to make us live in their 'sweet' memories forever. Everybody contributed towards this, and it would be a good thing only if each and everyone of us realize the truth and own up to the mistakes. There will always be people who only notice others' mistakes and not theirs - but they are not school children that needs to be guided all the time. Let them figure it out themselves.

We were told to close our booths on the second day, and it was embarrassing to those that we had given invites to the event. The planning and execution were all in shambles due to lack of experience in managing this kind of events and those who had experience didn't bother to lend a hand. Then came the part where accusations came flying from all corners, and it became worse when it was heated up after being mixed up with emotions from old squabbles. Only one word to describe them - kids.

Then when they decided by themselves that they want to organize another event purportedly to be something HUGE with artistes and everything, it just convince me that they are just not matured enough to be thinking clearly. It's definitely going to need a lot of time, energy, passion and all our concentration - and we don't have that. There's only a couple of months left before our take off to the outside world. And they wanted to sneak around and hide things from the admin - that is downright ridiculous and childish.

Now I don't even know the final say for this thing. I'm just hoping and praying that it will not affect our final outcome later.


red chopsticks said...

2 interpretation of punca i can think of:
1. the seniors are in extreme jealousy on your group. Some senior have this tendency of acting such a way especially when the juniors are way cooler then them.. they'll view you as a threat.. and due to allt he insecurities, they'll love to see u fail..which is where this story lead to...(rasanya.. ~_~)
2. They felt uneasy when you are not being in their 'gang'.. not all juniors can mix well with their seniors.. i myself find it hard to mingle with the 'tak sekepala' seniors.. felt stupid to act cute and extra nice just to make them like u...

well... patience is virtue.. strengthen the bond between your team member and a few other teams... build the strong 'buddy' bond.. once there.. help will flow easily when u ask.. hang out once a while after meeting... melepak is a great way to bring you closer.. u can actually succeed without the help from the seniors..

..^^.. good luck..

cahya indah said...

red chopsticks: thank you so much..especially with how you look at our old problem. I don't know which is the reason, but they can rant all they want to the juniors..there's only so much time left for us in facing that problem. Hopefully all of us can learn from our mistakes and start afresh soon..

Minnie said...

GASP! I know exactly how you feel! But don't worry! You'll be fine! Those seniors will get just what they deserved in due time!! You did your best, they just couldn't stand the fact that you guys are more outstanding then they will ever be!

Lots of love,

cahya indah said...

Minnie: us more outstanding than them? probably..heheh. maybe you're right..jealousy is possibly a factor.