Monday, August 8, 2011


49 days is a drama about a girl who was pronounced brain dead by the doctor after an accident trying to come back to life by collecting three tears from people who love her.

Among the casts are Jo Hyeon-jae, Jeong Il-woo, and Nam Gyoo-ri (Seeya).
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The story is great although some parts are already expected like the bad fiance and bad BFF. And the story has a twist unlike other love stories' endings - I hate that though. I'd rather watch another pretty average ending that brings smile to my face, than this one. I wanted Han Kang to end up with Sin Ji-hyeon. Like maybe killing Ji-hyeon's character first and then making Han Kang meeting someone who looks like Ji-hyeon few years later - okay, same old same old...I know. But the ending is no fun..hmmppphh.

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