Saturday, August 13, 2011

layers and folds

I haven't read Malay novels that much recently, unlike mom - she never stops buying them (depending on the authors and synopsis) and even went to the local library when she feels like it.

I felt that there's just to many authors nowadays, and more often than not you'll end up reading something similar, something I've-read-this-kind-of-story-somewhere. And I hate that the most. The purpose of buying different books is of course not to read the same thing over and over again.

The best thing for authors to do is for them to go traveling, experience new cultures, meet new faces . . . etc, etc. Then they'll have new ideas to work on. Worst come to worst, read books that are written in a different language to minimize the possibilities of producing something noticeably similar in the market. We have the tendency to replicate something we read beforehand, subconsciously or not . . .

Okay, let's just let that go...I didn't even have time to read the books I borrowed from the campus' library - it's no wonder when my rented house is within the coverage area of Wi-fi internet connection. Hard to find time when there's a lot of other things to do :p

The other day when I came back from Lendu, I searched for the Ketika Cinta Bertasbih novel that I was sure I've read before but mom told me that her colleague borrowed it. So I read a book that I stumbled upon while searching for the other. I think mom had just bought it recently. It's Cinta yang Ku Rasa by Anis Ayuni. She is my favorite local author, as most of her books proved to be worth reading.
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And once I started reading, I felt like never putting down the book - if only I didn't have chores to do. I even felt like cutting the shopping trip short earlier, and running back home to feast my eyes on the story, word by word.

I'm going to read it once again...can't help it :p

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