Sunday, July 17, 2011

backpacking to Penang 2

We had to wake up early even though we haven't had much sleep the night before. It was truly a memorable experience, when we had to go to Penang Port by Rapid Penang only to discover that we went to the wrong one. I didn't even realize there were two different ports in Penang. So we had to pick up all our belongings and head to the right destination on foot and a small distance by bus.

Thankfully we were given some time to rest before they gave us a tour around the port. It was really great, until everyone was tired plus hungry and couldn't take it anymore.

But their hospitality was so good that they even offered to bring us to the new star cruise terminal on the island side. And we were even given a tour inside the ferry's engine room while crossing over to the island.

Then we checked in at the hotel and freshen up a bit before going out to lunch (at 4 pm -.-). We were taken to Subaidah's (like we don't have any, here in Melaka) and everyone ate like there was no tomorrow :p.

Next we head to Penang Hill for the new electric train, besides a lot of my classmates haven't been there before. There were a large number of tourists from Middle East right from the foot of the hill to the top. One lady who sat beside me on the way downhill even talked to me and asked about my simple gold bracelet, saying it's nice. I couldn't remember the price when she asked though, because it's been years since mom bought it for me. Maybe the design is different from what the lady are used too in her country.

After that we went to Ferringhi night market and I had a blast there because I love bargaining for things :p. Mostly the price are ridiculously high especially when there are Caucasians and Middle Easterns tourist everywhere. One guy even put 10 times the actual price for a hand-held fan - it was sold for less than MYR5 here at Jonker Street and he wanted to sell it to us for MYR25, saying he sold it to foreigners at MYR59. Just beware of the cutthroat price.
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Last of all, we headed to Padang Kota for the famous Pasembor. I don't know which stall is the best among all, and just chose one. The verdict: I think I ate better Pasembor at Gurney Drive years back.

Then we were given some time by ourselves, but since my foot hurt from all the walking all day long I just sat down and watched other people. My friends went crazy over this couple selling handicraft by the roadside. After such a tiring day we went back to the hotel and as expected I had blisters on my foot and it hurt terribly until I couldn't walk without wincing now and then :(


miss shera said...

best tak cruise?

cahya indah said...

miss shera: ktorg tak naik pun cruise tu, tgk2 terminal dia je coz kalau nak masuk tgk je cruise tu pun kena ada safety pass (somethg like that) yg take 2 days to make.