Sunday, July 3, 2011

save me

I should save myself - next week is quite hectic and I think I'll have to stay up until early in the morning a lot. Last week, I started working part time with a friend. We only work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, we don't have to do much and most of the time we were bored to death..but the pay is good considering what little we have to do. Usually we'll start to pack up everything by half past 10 at night, but since there's a lot of 'obligations' waiting for me in the form of K-drama :p I'd stay up until morning and then be tired for class next day.

These boys are making me regretting being born in the 80s :p They're so cute. Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hyun-woo acted in Master of Study. I recognize Seung-ho from Queen Seon-deok as the queen's nephew, but I couldn't quite place Hyun-woo's face although I've seen him in something. It turned out to be the same drama..he acted as little Kim Yu Sin, one of the Hwarang.
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Next week we'll have a quiz and a test, I haven't even touch any books and I'm typing away happily here. I guess I'll have to sleep late again tonight and tomorrow night. How can I get flawless complexion at this rate? No wonder all those pimples are staying put and not budging.

In another note, have you watch the video for Tomok and Ayu's save the date? It's so sweet.

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