Friday, June 24, 2011

if only he's here

My family had a great day today, spending time together..except for my youngest brother who's away at school. It would be perfect if he could come along.

We started our morning with breakfast of course, and then everyone scrambled to get ready for bowling. We went to MIBC in Ayer Keroh, and there were a lot other families already in action.

It was my first time to play bowling actually, as I was never interested in the game before. But since mom wanted all of us to play together, I thought it wouldn't hurt to learn how to play - for the future. And as was expected, most of the time the ball went into the gutter :p But surprisingly I got a strike for the last one. Yeay for me.

Then it was time for the Friday prayers, so dad and brother went to the nearest mosque while us girls 'waited' in Mydin MITC. As if we only waited there.

After the prayer ended, we moved on to AEON Bandaraya. I didn't get the SMS notification of J Card Members Day this time, so I didn't know that it's today. We were wondering why there were so many cars in the parking lot that it was full when we arrived, and had to park by the roadside.

First things first, so we had lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop. While waiting for the food to arrive, I bought Auntie Anne's pretzels and there was this promo of getting a third one if you buy two (only on J Card Day). Then I told mom that I wanted to share the plate of rice with my sister, but I ended up eating another portion too. *sigh* I'm still feeling the whole load of food in my stomach.

Finished with lunch, we went up to the 1st floor and went crazy in Padini, as there were 20% discount store wide on J Card Day. I waded through the shoe bin, searching for something that could be worn for the Dean List's lunch/dinner in two weeks. Then me and my sister gushed over practically each and every one of the headband. I really am headband crazy now. I didn't quite so much look at the clothes, as people were swarming and buzzing around them everywhere. Dad waited patiently for us while we went, "This one's pretty, this one's pretty too". The funny thing was he was still there looking at the accessories when we were finished and walked away to the counter. He looked at the shoes, necklaces, everything.. My dad is so adorable ;)

I wouldn't even describe Jusco, when everyone knows it looks like this every time without fail.
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