Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm still up at 4 in the morning (sounds like Gwen's song :p) with the fan on full-blast directly facing me even though it rained just now. I can't help but think of the time when I used to be awake during this hour often, it wasn't this tiring then. I'm getting old..haha.

I just finished watching Joo Ji-hoon in a movie. I didn't keep track of his acting career after Goong (as if I keep track of others'), but I'm disappointed when I notice that he only acted in two dramas and two movies. And I've watched both his movies, that leaves only one drama out. Actually I watched bits and pieces of his second drama on KBS World, but never got to finish it..I think he's sort of the antagonist in that one.

Antique involved Kim Jae Wook and lots of desserts. While in The Naked Kitchen, Ji-hoon acted alongside Sin Min-ah and he's so cute and cool I can't even describe it.

The Naked Kitchen
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