Saturday, June 18, 2011

Charlie Day 5

After being in contact with Charlie as written here, I didn't feel any least not right away. I think the wound started to throb later in Day 2. Then it became even more of a hassle to me - I couldn't let water fall on my face during shower anymore (it felt like pebbles being thrown on the wound) when it was my favorite thing to do, and I couldn't even squint my eyes (that hurts too). Then the wound turned bright red on Day 3, and I had to look down during class hoping that nobody would notice. Fortunately only a close friend of mine caught a glimpse. I think it's getting better slowly, although I couldn't stand the pain without dabbing on antibiotic cream. And I think I caught the culprit last night lounging on my pillow - no idea if it's the same one or not, though.

On another note, I've finished watching several K-drama - My Princess, Athena, Oh! My Lady and My Fair Lady. And I'm so in love with Song Seung-heon (Park Hae-yeong in My Princess) and Super Junior's Choi Si-won (Kim Joon-ho in Athena, and Seong Min-woo in Oh! My Lady).

The little girl, Ye Eun in Oh! My Lady is so cute.

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