Thursday, April 14, 2011

high achievers

i have no idea what happened to the administration that made them super generous this semester - they celebrated us who made it into the Dean's list for last semester's exam at Renaissance Melaka (this was around two weeks ago). usually we would only go to each course/club's dinner and that was it. then, out of nowhere they sprang this one on us. we were flattered, of course.

the schedule left us less than happy though - we had to board the bus by 4.30 pm when the event was for the night and the dinner is scheduled at 11 pm. so we had to go there and wait amongst the strangers. we know practically no one before the rest of our friends arrived.

we were at loss of what to do, and my friend was busy doing her favorite pastime - camwhoring, when we were told to wait inside the 'changing room'. it was just a room full of people and we were bored waiting for the registration counter to be open.

our tables were coordinated to make it easier when the time for us to be on stage, but that was another problem. we were separated according to our names in alphabetical order and we had to sit with strangers. I felt like changing tables after the ceremony, but haven't got enough nerve to do that in front of the others ;p.
we were served sup soto ayam for the appetiser, and the main course was rice with ayam masak cili api, beef with dried chillies, fried seabass with sweet and sour sauce, and mixed veggies. i think the soup and the beef are the best among all. the others are just regular stuff. and the caramel pudding they served for dessert was too sweet for my liking. I was appaled when I realized that there are people who don't know the etiquette.  sigh. I know we had the dinner long past the dinner time, but the actions that the 'kids' showed that night were out of question - grabbing the utensils and thumping them on the table? eyeing the soup bowls being distributed with obviously hungry eyes, while grasping the utensils tightly?

I'm putting in a huge vote to have all the school children take another extra subject on etiquette - so they won't embarrassed themselves when they grow up.

the event was not as smooth as it was supposed to, but it was okay. the only thing that left us grumbling (together with our stomachs) is the time dinner was served. we ate when it was close to 11.30pm if I'm not mistaken. they should consider that part thoroughly, even though they want us to watch everyone go on stage they shouldn't hold the food..else, everyone of them would turn into the wolf in the Red Riding Hood.


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cahya indah said...

Thank you anon ;)
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