Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm not a machine

I was quite addicted to the telly when I was a kid, I had no passion to play any sports (still does :p) and on evenings, I'd rather be cooped up in the house watching whichever program that was airing at that time. More often than not, it would be those Cantonese drama series from Hong Kong. That was during their heyday. I could still recognize the actors' faces now, but believe me I haven't watch anything Cantonese for a gazillion years already.

They shared the era with Hindi movies a.k.a Bollywood, or maybe Bollywood's staying power was much stronger. I tried to have a fling with the Hindi movies, but mom was strict and didn't let me watch them. I guess it was because of their length - a solid three hours of staring at those colorful sarees and them having fun dancing at each opportunity they got.

So I did not like to watch Hindi movies even after I've finished school.

But yesterday I joined my friends when they watched the movie 3 Idiots - because I had nothing better to do. It turned out to be a remarkable and creative piece. I heart the main lead's character (played by Aamir Khan) especially the part when he explained about machines and when he tried to tell Virus how to teach the right way.

Each and every one of the teachers out there should watch this brilliant movie. What's the use of cramming definitions and every single line from the books, just to be poured out during exams?

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