Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've mentioned about our assignments for this semester, we have a couple of them that requires us to brush up our acting skills. Thank God I already took the theatre class in my second semester - I don't think it was of much help though ;p

one of the lecturers wanted us to record it, and all of us will watch our work this one night.

we did not take part in the making of the night, the paperwork part, the shopping part, etc. so, as the others had other work to do, we were assigned as the kitchen helpers - our lecturer insisted to cook for everyone.

when we arrived at her house, she already finished cooking..all that was left to do was to make the spring rolls and fry them. there were vermicelli soup, spring rolls with jicama and carrots, Choc Indulgence cake, and tidbits. the spring rolls were so yummy that we stuffed ourselves with them, until we were about to explode :p

my team's video was the first one aired that night. I kept laughing throughout the video, even though I've watched it beforehand - it was embarrassing to see myself on screen. I knew I wasn't born to be an actress all along :p. after we were done with each of the video, it was time to vote for the best actor and the best actress. none of the ones I chose got the prizes though..haha.

then came the part when the lecturer announced the winners. actually each team will get something, so there was nothing to loose. but it'd be so embarrassing if we got the last place. me and my friend were praying quietly at the back, hoping we wouldn't get the last place.

it turned out we won the 1st prize - we were dumbfounded when we heard the results. the lecturer asked if we wanted to hear the 1st place winner first or the 2nd place..they were shouting and made all sorts of noise that I thought I heard wrong. it really was a delightful surprise.

this last picture was taken during another event - this time we had to act in front of audiences, and it was not as smooth as the recorded one. of course :p. this semester really made both of the classes real tight, with everyone doing everything together. I can't wait for next semester to come..

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