Monday, April 18, 2011

i heart...

once again, we headed to Kuantan. when my mom asked if I wanted to tag along, of course the very first thing that came out of my mouth was Sara Thai Kitchen. Oh, this would definitely make up for the last time they went there without me during the school holidays. But sadly, after this it would not be easy to stop in Kuantan to satisfy my food cravings anymore - my brother has finished his study. yes, he's on his way to become a pharmacist. nevermind, maybe we can spend more time in Terengganu and eat colek after this :p

on Sunday, before loading my brother's stuff (all his treasures collected during his four years there) in the car, we headed to Kemaman. it was for my mom's favorite Sata. it's in Kampung Geliga, Kemaman.

Before reaching Kemaman town, look for the mosque on the right hand side (if you're from Kuantan) and take a right turn. There were several stalls selling Sata and otak-otak. The otak-otak is different from the ones they sell here in the West Coast. They put a piece of fish and cover it with spices (similar to rendang's in my opinion). Delicious, nevertheless.

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I think it has been quite a tradition that whenever I'm gonna sit for the final exams, we would surely go on a trip to somewhere. I'm lovin everything ;)

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