Friday, January 27, 2012

munching nonstop

Just because my sister told me I'm kinda thinner now (compared to the time when I haven't started working and doing nothing at home other than lying down in front of the telly), I am eating a lot these days. Yikes. I need to slow down a bit, but there's too much food lying around the house calling out to me :p

My sister is scheduled to go back to her uni tomorrow after the week off from classes. I hope I'll be able to curb this big appetite somehow and not make another surprise for my sister when she comes back again (by gaining weight this time..haha).

The only thing I didn't get to do is having our usual sisters time (or maybe siblings time - because of our youngest brother) of going to watch a movie and spending money on things we don't really need at the mall.

We went to JB to have a late lunch with our brother - it was our parents' first time eating at Seoul Garden, coz us siblings used to go there on weekdays for the students' rate..hehe. The City Square's SG and Mahkota Parade's SG each have their own pros and cons.

Then when I got a day off on the second day of CNY, we went for a picnic by the lakeside behind the zoo. I miss Taiping, very very much. *Sigh*. I want to have a picnic by the lakeside in Taiping. After the picnic, we stopped by the mall for a while and caught a glimpse of a group of people performing acrobatic which I think went on for nearly everyday for some time.
look at that girl folding her body..huhu, I'm scared just by looking


ibundo said...

cny ni ramai yang buat performance macam tu kot. haritu bundo pegi mid valley, ada gak.
Makan banyak2 bia gemuk.

cahya indah said...

ye la tu, Bundo..tak acrobatic, diorang buat lion dance pulak.
Cahya nak makan banyak2, tapi tak nak gemuk..boleh tak Bundo? hehe. yang penting sihat kan, Bundo.

ahkakbatik said...

CI ni ada korean mix ke? atau masa mak pregnant dulu suka tengok k-pop dah?
tapi auntie ni pure jawa pun org kata macam cina..hahahaaa..

cahya indah said...

Auntie Tek, Cahya ada korean blood tapi at heart je. boleh? hehe.

miss shera said...

kite pun byk makan now

PatinPasta said...

Alahai.. keje keras sampai makin kurus ye? Tapi kalo tengok gaya Cahya, rasanye makan camno pon memang takkan gain weight nye. Hehe!

Seoul Garden sedap ek? Dulu opismate akak rajin gi sana tapi akak tak pernah gi. Sebab takut tak tau nak order apa :D

cahya indah said...

miss shera: you banyak makan pun orang tak perasan..badan you still kurus. makan banyak sebab happy with hubby kann..hehe. I'm jealous.

cahya indah said...

kak Aida: kalau makan banyak, badan Cahya naik la kak..especially kalau duduk rumah pastu asyik layan je selera besar ni. haha. ni turun sikit sebab kurang makan nasi, kadang2 je rajin makan nasi masa break. kalau tak makan kat rumah je la.

Seoul Garden best..tak payah order2 kak, buffet je. tapi sekarang dah tak kuat makan macam masa dulu2..kalau dulu memang boleh melantak macam2 kat buffet spread, sekarang sikit pun dah kenyang.
so Cahya suka jugak pegi Breeks Cafe, adik beradik Seoul Garden..yang tu kena order la nak makan apa.