Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was working last night when a high school friend came in for a drink with her friend. She called my name and asked what I was doing there. Of course I'm working, friend - I was manning the POS. The sad thing was I couldn't recall her name, until this morning when I flipped through the school magazine. And she was in the same class as me for our final year. I'm getting older, I know. Lol. I tried so hard to find her name in this tight vault of memory but failed - I could only remember her two closest friends'.

The procedure is to jot down the customer's name on the beverage cup. But I just skipped that part and prayed to God that my supervisor wouldn't say anything when he saw it. Just imagine me asking my own high school friend, "And how may I address you?". What a joke.

Another great thing is the number of people (in the senior year at that time) who came from Melaka was less than 10 if I recalled right. Very sad, I know..perhaps I should take Ginkgo Biloba as supplement food too.
This image is spot on, because we do use Sharpie at work..haha.
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somuffins said...

My son has been collecting cup from Mermaid tapi satu aje out of several tu yang tertulis nama dia.
Apa sebabnya kena tulis nama?? I nak tau dari pendapat orang dalaman like you. Mekasih in advance.

POS? Point of sale? If so, that reminds me of my working days.. I turut order POS for customers

PatinPasta said...

Erk.. haru gak ek? So supervisor nampak tak? Harap tak la.

Memang segan nak tanya nama orang tu kalo dia ingat nama kita. Kalo kita tanya kang, gerenti dia terasa pulak.. betul tak?

Akak pon sama, bab nama memang pelupa. Tapi bab muka, memang ingat.

Messy Mummy said...

can't blame you for that. i have the same exact problem. i wish im better but it gets worst now :p
smtimes i purposely did not say hello even if i know she/he is clearly a friend bcoz i cant recall the name. so yeah... blame the age for that ;)

cahya indah said...

Auntie Som, tulis nama customer kat cups tu memang procedure kat Mermaid actually. sebab senang nak tau which comes first kan..kalau dah banyak2 tu nanti kurang la silap terbuat order customer no.2 punya dulu. lagi2 kalau berderet2 order mcm time Xmas hari tu. dah lepas tu nak kena calling beverage dengan customer's name lagi..when it's done.

POS tu memang point of sale, auntie..teringat dulu2 ehh auntie. hehe.

cahya indah said...

kak Aida, Cahya pun tak sure supervisor nampak tak Cahya tak letak nama kat cup. tapi sebab tak ramai orang kot masa tu. kalau ramai customer, order banyak..confirm kena time tu jugak. hehe.

memang segan nak tanya nama dia right on the spot..lagi2 former classmate macam tu. kalau pernah jumpa just a few times, boleh lagi nak tebalkan muka.

cahya indah said...

hi kak Ilah, thanks for dropping a comment here. :)

purposely not saying hello eh? I think it could work, maybe I'll try it once or twice - but not if in situations like above la kan. hehe.

wahida said...

aku pun susah nak ingat nama org...dah beranak pinak ni lagi menjadi2 pelupa tu...

cahya indah said...

kannn kak Wahida..tapi tempat Cahya kerja ni kena ingat nama and muka orang. lagi2 kalau regular customer.