Sunday, January 1, 2012

something old, something new

Actually it was last year's news..even though it happened merely hours ago.First thing's first..

Happy New Year Everyone :)

I met some Korean guys..and I'm totally ecstatic even though they're not celebs or anything. I think. A bunch of guys were standing around the leather couch in our outlet and I was clearing the table when one of them asked me if there's Wi-fi available. I answered him, but he said "andwae" to his friend. I was struck by lightning right then. Exagerating, of course. But I wanted to be sure, so I listened to a couple more words before I asked.."Are you Korean?" And the friend said "Yes". They spent a few hours going online I guess. What I can see from what they ordered is that they're very health conscious. Half of them ordered something with green tea..and everyone don't want any whipped cream. And when they were leaving I said "gamsahapnida" to them - the only Korean phrase I was able to utter. I should have said something else to them too..haish. Lost the chance already.

Now I'm imagining if only Hyun Joong or Wooyoung would come (in disguise, of course) and spend time here. Haha. Like they need to, or can do that.

If I wasn't working at that time I could have taken photos to show to my sister. She's feeling jealous when she heard I met the guys. Haha.

Then another four Koreans came in..some time after the first group left. I think this group is a family, and the guys don't look as good as the first group, so I didn't bother to converse with them. LOL. I was busy actually.

That's what's new. The old news - my feet hurt, again. And I was wincing every now and then when I stepped on the accelerator and brake. Thank God I wasn't driving a manual car. The usual half-hour journey took me an hour tonight. Lucky I decided not to buy ice cream, else it'll turn into a puddle of cream even before I reach home. 


somuffins said...

Happy new year to you too ..

Diharap lebih ramai orang Korea singgah kat tempat kerja you tapi kalau hero OmbakLaut, OmbakGelora maupun OmbakRindu datang minum latte, promise me you snap a pic of you both, ok? *wink*

cahya indah said...

auntie Som, kalau hero Ombak tu yang datang mau berlari semua orang busy berlakon konon2 nak wipe table la, sapu sampah la..pastu siap nak send his drinks kan. service tip top punya. haha.

snap a pic sambil paut kat muscle dia lah..*blinking eyes*. hehe.

PatinPasta said...

Happy new year to you dear (better late than never?)!

But why couldn't you take any photos even when you were working maa? :D

Ckp psl keje, dah keje ye skang? CONGRATS! Keje kat mana? (sori, dok bawah tempurung)

cahya indah said...

kak Aida, happy new year to akak too. belum lambat lagi..still have the new year vibe..hehe.

Exciting moments always come during peak hours kan..haha. Tapi memang, bila ramai customer around la orang2 yang best datang. So takut superior membebel, tengok je those Koreans from afar..huhu.

Cahya keje biasa je kak..tapi at least dapat jugak, alhamdulillah. keje kat *bucks..hari2 dok buat air. haha