Tuesday, January 3, 2012

unfair treatment

Why oh why the movie Relationship Status is going to be screened at selected TGV cinemas only?

I've been waiting to watch the movie for so long, and this 'great' thing happens. Of course the reason I want to watch the movie is because Will Quah starred in it. There's also Daphne Iking and Tony Eusoff. But Will is my priority..*wink*.

So, does that mean I won't get the chance to watch it? *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh...*
Watching this is not enough. 

At work I'm starting to recognize some of the regulars at our place. There's Mr. C who has a tall latte with extra shot every morning, Mr.H went away I think because I haven't seen him yesterday and today so I didn't get to memorize his favorite. Mr. B only drinks Americano..today he had two tall ones, and another two tall ones with extra shot each - how can he stand that much espresso inside his system?


PatinPasta said...

Hmm.. Cahya try la download kat piratebay, kot-kot ada. Kat sana macam-macam ada. Akak dok tengok Supernatural and Criminal Minds downloaded dari sana.

Soklan! For a person who likes her coffee mild (akak la tu), what shud she order?
psst.. akak tak pernah gi s.bucks, so jakun sket :D

cahya indah said...

piratebay.com ke kak Aida? okay nanti Cahya try cari kat situ. Thank you :)

usually people will order latte or cappuccino la kot..or mocha, cocoa cappuccino pun ada.
but what I know is kalau Colombian coffee is mild compared to Italian. banyak lagi yang tak tau ni..hehe.

ahkakbatik said...

lama auntie hibernate ni... dah start keje yea?
congratulations... bonus bila? simpan sikit untuk belanja auntie yea.... starbuck pun ok...heh..

cahya indah said...

tu la, lama tak dengar news from auntie. busy ehh, auntie?

thank you..keje baru start. so bonus belum nampak2 lagi. hehe. insyaAllah, tapi kena tunggu auntie balik sini la :)