Sunday, June 15, 2008

my life's gonna change

i went back home to discuss something really important with my parents..and the result is..alhamdulillah, all went well. i asked their permission to quit studying for now and for me to switch to another course. i've wanted to go into the event management field for 2 years now, and i had just claimed the guts to enable me to talk it out loud with my parents. besides, my result wasn't that good. i doubt that they would permit me to change course if i get good results previously tho. its mostly my own mistake, during that time i knew i wanted to do some where along the lines of wedding planner, but it haven't come to light for me yet. i wanted to go into mass communication but i doubt that i could join public relations..coz those who join the course are surely more outspoken and outshining than my introvert-humble-self. so, i didn't really put stress on getting a place in public relations degree. then, when i was in my 2nd semester i had to join a co-curriculum class for some required credit hours. so, me and my friends chose to take up event management. oohhh! i knew that was it. event management is really my thing. i would love to start working, planning everything..and ensuring everything is going smoothly. and would make my way up the career ladder, which last but not least help me to open my own event company ;) insyaAllah.
today is Father's day..i wanna say Happy Father's Day to my Ayah, and sometimes Dad ;) he's my hero forever..i'm sorry my mistakes hurt u and mom, but i'm thankful to have such a wonderful dad as u. u are very very patient with me, even when i'm cranky and sometimes behave badly..actually bnyk kali ;P many thanx for being such a great dad to me and listening to me every single time i whined..

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