Friday, June 27, 2008


i've been hoarding a lot of stuff ever since i could remember. in fact i have a drawer full of knickknacks back at home. i think it would be best for me to sort through the drawer and just toss out all the insignificant stuff. the thing is there are a lot of stuff lying around, and it would take forever to finish sorting through them. well, i do have a lot of time on my hand after this rite. *wink*

actually i relied on those stuff too much, i don't quite remember everything that happened in my life and so when i take a look at those stuff i can recall bits and pieces of my past. i wonder why i am like this..i mean, about how i could not really remember every single detail of my life. i want to be able to remember everything, but then i think a lot. maybe if i could, i would not have time to think for the future. i know that God has a reason for everything.

today's my last day here in this house and in S.A. i hope i would be able to be here again in the future..even though i don't quite favor this town. but i've been here long enough, that i'm used to everything and it caused some pain in my heart to leave this place. getting sentimental plak ;P
would be writing from melaka plak after this..whenever i have the time laa ;)
so long, people..until the next post

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