Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My dad had repeatedly suggested that i take some sort of education degree, so i can be a teacher. However i’ve told him countless of times that i’ve no heart wutsoever to be one. Just because both of my parents are educators doesn’t mean that i want to be like them, or that i have any talent to educate people. I know he said that the passion to teach can be nurtured, but no thank you..i’m just plain uninterested.

I don’t want to be a teacher just because i can be one..because to me without being enthusiastic, it wouldn’t be fair to the students. I wouldn’t want to teach without really being driven to produce students with high achievements. If i want to be a teacher, i want to be able to teach the students without giving up when i’m if there’s a naughty bunch of them in the class or if the students don’t quite get what i’m trying to teach them. I want to be able to smile in those situations and figure out some kind of solutions, which are good for both sides. I want to feel its nothing much even if i’m not appreciated by the students with gifts during the teachers’ day celebration. I want to be able to feel relieved just by fulfilling what’s required of a teacher. I want to be able to treat all my students the same, okay..of course there would be one or two that i favor but i don’t want to be a teacher that shows affections or hatred too much that the students themselves realized that. To me, that’s how a teacher should be.

But i’m not that kind of person, so i certainly don’t want to risk the next generations’ future ;P i guess it sounds a bit funny, but that’s the truth. I want to be able to give everything that i have to what i do for a living..well, not everything coz i want to have a family ;P but yeah, i want to be able to give a lot.

Besides, there’s this one issue that came to light recently and bothers me. My sis’ class teacher’s been behaving very unlikely for a teacher. She openly showed that she don’t like my sis to her other students. The other day was some kind of parents-teachers one-to-one meeting, to discuss about how the students fared in the assessments. this class teacher complained to my mom that she thinks my sis could have done a lot better. But she didn’t quite know that my sis had improved much since last year.. and when my mom said that her results are better now, she turned silent. Okay, its nothing much..but then she told my sis’ friend not to be friends with her anymore just because the friend’s result is not so good. Does she think my sis influenced this friend until her results dropped? If so, she would have better results too..rite? oh, to think of people in this world..a teacher who’s supposed to be a role model some more.

Another teacher also showed something along that line. This one’s an english teacher..i love all my english teachers. Why does this one have to be unbelievably unprofessional? I don’t quite know why she’s like this..but i do know that she gave only GOOD to my sis. Not even one excellent marked in the report card. I know my sis deserves at least a few excellent in english, if not in other subjects.

Maybe my sis did some things that those teachers don’t approve of, but that doesn’t mean they can bad-mouthed about her to others and spared her from getting the compliments she deserves. What happened to teachers’ professionalism these days? I shouldn’t talk much about this since my parents, cousins, relatives and friends are teachers and teachers-to be. But we should all think about this..and take note, that although teaching is a sacred occupation there are still some teachers that can tarnish the teachers’ good rep.

To my friends that are going to be your best, and show us that there are a lot of great teachers still. And that u guys can keep the good rep intact.

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