Tuesday, July 8, 2008

love like milk

Taiping..i’ve the fondest memories of the place. It’s my mom’s hometown..but its been a few years since i went back there. I love the lake gardens and the pools at the foot of Maxwell Hill. That’s what i totally love going back to taiping for. I wanna go back there..*sigh*

The movie
sepi..which is currently in cinemas, portrayed the lake gardens in taiping. And i felt that i must watch the movie..because i really miss taiping especially the lakes.

Sepi is similar to the movie cinta, a few stories connected at some point..but to me, this movie is better. 

I love the part in which adam and ilyana were baking together, and then had a flour fight. They look so cute together. And the fact that adam was attracted to ilyana because she wears camellia in her hair, is kinda cute n funny at the same time.
For ean and imaan’s story..i love to see how determined ean was to make imaan notice him. He never gave up even though imaan seemed not to care for anything. Ean’s character is cheeky, and totally in contrast of imaan’s. I love the last scene of those two. They were hanging out at a lake with waterlilies by their side and imaan said “thank you for saving me” then ean took her hands and put them in his lap and said “thank you for letting me”. So sweet ;P

U readers must think that i’m all about movies now, i’m forever writing about them ;P its just that to me, when i watched the movies that i like or the scenes that i like in movies..i’d like to remember them and share them. this time, its about a short movie..
akan miss hujan. I watched this one out of boredom.
Its about a boy, Ming who met a gurl Rainie because it rained. Rainie took him and his younger cousin to take shelter in a hut, well..less than a hut really. And they got to know and kinda fell for each other. I like this rainie character, because she said something that i used every so often..she said she’s half half when Ming asked her if she’s chinese or malay. She spoke in malay mostly, but i would say she spoke it like a chinese. And she looks like chinese, so ming got confused a bit. 

For the gurl who played rainie, i personally would suggest to the director or producer whomever’s-in-charge-of-the-actors to choose a malay gurl with chinese looks. So, maybe the person needs to speak a lil bit of chinese..but it can be taught overnight..its just a few easy lines. The way she speaks malay like a chinese speaking it, is not quite right for having a malay mother and going to a public school. There’s one thing i got from the movie. Rainie said, “Love like milk, it makes u strong”. Maybe some of u had heard this one before, but i feel that it’s totally right. Love has ups and downs..its the ups and downs that really make people in love, strong. So, yeah love is like milk..

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ZARA said...

Love is like Nescafe! Yewww...