Thursday, August 21, 2008


now i'm officially a cashier :) hehe..i know it's nothing much to be proud of, but's my job. been a few days since i've been trusted to manage on my could bore me at times when there's no customers, but then that someone's always on my mind to occupy me. i'm wondering whether he's still shutting everything out..
the first couple of days were just the usual like before, just without my seniors by my side..i was in doubt at first, thinking of the possible mistakes that could happen..and hearing about the others' that had to replace the money when they made their mistakes..huhu. but everyone learn from mistakes right..
then yesterday, the schedule was somehow not quite right..almost all of us were supposed to work during the day. since i reported to work quite early, i managed one of the counter in the morning. but after the break, i had nothing to do. so they asked me to help the people the packaging section. when i first got there, i saw chicken parts that had been cut and weighed. i said to myself, please dun tell me that i had to even touch any of those chickens. how on earth am i gonna replace the other cashiers when they are on break later, with those smell..huhu. fortunately the lady there only asked me to help with dry stuff ;P
i had to check whether the onions weighed enough, and then packed them before placing the price sticker on them. then it was the glutinous rice's turn. lastly, i had to pack the that was some work, i kept thinking when would i be able to throat was parched and i felt really tired. it was really different from when i was working upstairs, just meeting all kinds of people..some demanding, some really nice. it's different, penat mngadap people and penat buat kerja. i'm thankful for being able to be a cashier, what if i had to work like them downstairs everyday..i'd be totally wiped out. i think i made a good choice when i chose to stop from finishing the degree in chemistry, coz i would be working mostly with machines..and i don't like that. kerja cashier ni, all the time pun boleh jumpa cute fav ;)
fortunately kak colleague saw me when she was heading out from the office, maybe she saw my tired face ;P and said she would ask kak faz whether it's already time for me to head back upstairs. thanks a lot to her, she's my saviour ;) nasib baik..haha..

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ZARA said...

I miss u so much baby!