Monday, June 23, 2008

it's done

from this moment onwards, i'm no longer a student..until yet to be determined. i'm relieved that it's done..after these few days of not knowing where to go, or what i'm supposed to do.
i've made my mind at first, about which diploma i'm going for and which uni. but after getting some opinion from my aunt and her hubby, i changed my mind about that. they opened my eyes about some things..many thanks to them. so i chose to look up a few other diploma, something that i can cope with..and of course has to be high in demand.
but after that, i kind of lost my way..i dunno. maybe because of being delayed, and depending on some informations that i think are supposed to be the other way round.

then, earlier today i thought of going to several faculties to get some more info..maybe even meet some lecturers in those faculties. but it seems that i don't have to do much. a clerk in the FBM told me that its no longer possible to change program. i would have to quit, like i've been wanting to do before this. i went to the student affairs dept. to be sure. this time they say its possible to change from one degree program to another. but not from a degree program to a diploma.

still..i'm quitting. so i went to settle everything ;)


ZARA said...

Good Luck for your future sweetie!

I am always 4u!

diya said...

thanx dear ;)