Monday, May 26, 2008

step up

i just finished watching the movie step up 2..i watched step up last nite..
hurmm, for me personally i prefer step up 2. step up is about someone from the streets being taken into the professional world of dancing. this guy, tyler volunteered to help this one girl sarah if i'm not mistaken in her showcase. tyler's from the streets, where there's gang fight and all and he's so good at dancing street-style la. this sarah is a ballerina..contrasting but a great merge.

step up 2 is about tyler's kid sis, andie..well, she's grown up and not a lil' kid anymore. she was about to be sent to Texas to her aunt, when tyler helped her to stay there by enroling her in MSA a dancing academy. this time she forms her own crew when she was kicked out from the crew she belonged. so, the crew consists of a few of the academy students than doesn't really fit in the academy. at first they were shunned by those other crews and people around. but they endured it all..
 and the last part, they compete in the streets dancing competition..and they were way better that andie's old crew. i like the part when they all went to missy's BBQ..missy is andie's friend coz they dance salsa..i love salsa..i wanna learn it..but i dunno when ;P

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