Tuesday, May 6, 2008

about me

there r sum things about me that i thot i'd share with others :

+ i was a really shy girl

+ i used to pretend i was sick when i want to escape school for the day, naughty me..but that was in my lower secondary..coz when i was in upper secondary which is a boarding school, being sick means having to go to the clinic..the doc would know rite ;P

+ i hate having to study..i think i used to excell in my studies up till my lower secondary, coz my mum pushed me to study hard..she made schedules for the weekends and the telly would only be switched on after lunch..and staying up late at nite was a big no-no

+ i luv fashion n styles..and would luv to design some myself..but i dun think i'm gifted in that way..

+ i luv to procrastinate..i know its wrong..but that happens all the time

+ i'm hoping to open my own event management company in the future..and possibly own an empire ;)

+ i luv baking n cooking..

+ i luv to spend, spend, spend money

+ i luv food..very much

+ there's a lil bit of clumsiness in me

+ i like to read blogs

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