Monday, May 19, 2008

spend the day with my bestie

today was awesome..despite most of the time before, me and my bestie had to cancel the plans to meet due to unforeseen circumstances. we decided that she n her brother would meet me at KL sentral at 11 am..and would head out to Pertama to find a pair of jeans for her boyfriend. but, i slept right thru 8.30 am which i had set my alarm at..and only woke up at nearly 11 when she called me..huhu. so, she headed out to Pertama first and i made my way to KL sentral as soon as i cud get there. fortunately her brother was with her coz i felt terrible for not keeping to my words..unintentionally of coz. then they picked me up at KL sentral and we headed out to The Curve..

it was my first time there ;P. so i was excited. when we arrived, we went to buy our movie tickets first..after much arguing and giving in between my bestie n her bro, we settled for 'what happens in Vegas'.
then we went to lunch..lunch was another funny story..we had to practically go from one end of 'the street' to another end..and started to go back to the other end juz to choose where to eat. we decided to go for Kenny Rogers roasters..but when we were walking towards d outlet, we stopped by a poster saying that hi tea would only cost 25 bucks for weekends and public hols at this one place. so, we changed our mind and chose to go for the hi tea coz we presumed it would be a better choice.
we ate a lot of food..salads, laksa, spaghetti, murtabak, ayam pandan, spring rolls, lil' sandwiches, puddings, was really nice. then we went to watch the movie, which was really really hilarious and good.

after the movie we went to Ikea and picked some stuff. it was my first time to Ikea i was quite happy ;P..coz i've been dreaming to go there since a few years back. and i imagined going to Ikea with my loved one..and i would pick all the stuff i'd like to have when we have our own place to call home ;P talk about dreaming big time.. ohh..and before we went to Ikea, we dropped by 'pet safari'..there were fish in tanks, reptiles, dogs, and small animals like hamsters etc. when i looked at the fish in tanks, i remembered Jac and her nemos..hehe..i would love to see her face when i bring her to see those fish..berangan lg ;P
hurmm..before lunch, my friend's brother bought anime figurines with his tokens..and i got 2 from him ;)

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