Friday, November 18, 2011

much awaited

The Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie has been on the must-watch list for so long and I can't wait to be able to watch Edward again.

Image via Twilight Saga Chat
And then there's Ombak Rindu a week after that, starring hunky Aaron. I read the book a gazillion years ago and it was very well written (can't say the same for the sequels, though). It's only fair to make it into a movie when this is the time that novelists are starting to gain more money - both from the books and movies' profits. I love Lisa Surihani's hair in the posters, but what's with Maya Karin's hijab style? My sister said she dislike the stylist's (or whomever that put the hijab on Maya) work - they could do much better.
Image via a cup of life a barrel of luv

Aaron also starred alongside Erra and Umie Aida in a theatre production based on another novel I read, Badai Semalam - this one much older than Ombak Rindu. I couldn't remember when I read this one, but I found the book amongst the stack of mom's Malay Literature books. I think she used the book when she taught the subject long ago.

But sadly I don't feel like going out to the movies these days, maybe I should just wait until my youngest brother finished sitting for SPM and celebrate his freedom together. I still think of him as the baby, despite him being the tallest in the family..and not going to school anymore.

Oh and here's a picture of my first 'daging masak asam pedas'. I know how to cook 'asam pedas' already, although I can't say it would turn out nice everytime..besides, I have only used fish before. 
And I love mom's version of beef in the spicy and sour gravy. Yesterday I tried cooking it myself, without asking any instructions from mom and thought it looked like I put in a little too much tamarind juice in it. But it turned out okay. Dad said it's delicious..hehe.


Anonymous said...

Betul kan? Tak sabor nak tengok Edward and Bella. Cahya dah baca kesemua 4 buku tu?

That asam pedas looks yummeeeeeh! So ni kiranye tere masak asam pedas la ye? Hehe!

-Kak Aida yg malas nak login-

cahya indah said...

kak Aida, memang tak sabar sangat2. Cahya dah habis baca semua, tapi macam tak puas je..nak suruh dia continue lagi boleh tak? hehe.

Kalau tere makan asam pedas..betul. Tang masak tu kadang2 okay, kadang2 tak jadi..belum tere masak macam kak Aida lagi. Kena menuntut dengan akak ni.. :)

ahkakbatik said...

love love aaron punya acting.. jadi romeo boleh, bendul boleh, jahat macam setan pun boleh.... tapi maya as 19 yrs old girl? owh.. auntie boleh berlakon jadi anak dara 25 tahun le camni...hahhahaaa....

mak cahya x-cikgu bm ke?

dan haish.. ni yg aunte nak order twilight collection box nih!!

cahya indah said...

kann auntie, Aaron is very talented. kalau watak comel pun boleh cair lah..(actually nak cakap Aaron comel) hehe.
boleh auntie..kalau berlakon kan boleh jadi semua, tua boleh, muda boleh. ramai je yang berlakon jadi budak sekolah..walaupun umur tah dah berapa..
ermm..mama still mengajar, tapi tak ajar bm lagi la.
collection box tu..order auntie, jangan tak order :) kat sini melambak paperback, auntie.

somuffins said...

Aaron mesti suka asam pedas daging yg you masak nihaaa....


cahya indah said...

auntie Som, bila la dapat bagi Aaron rasa asam pedas Cahya masak..hehe. Thank you auntie :)