Thursday, August 5, 2010


it was dark when i woke up to the commotion, and i had to quickly find my bearings. my roommate was agitated and i only heard the word "FIRE! FIRE!" being shouted above all the noise.

picture googled
then i spotted smoke outside my room when i was at the door jamb. i could only think of getting my purse before getting out. my roommate saw what i was doing, and she grabbed her laptop before running after me. we were among the first group of people that arrived at the designated place, which was the badminton court beside the block. then my friends arrived and we stood in the middle of the court. i didn't know what made me turn my head, but that was how i noticed there was something burning in the middle of the carpark 100 metres away from us. that was the thing that made me realize it was just a fire drill.

my knees were shaking so hard i had to take a few steps to make them stop. God knows how i nearly cried because of the experience. they were all so real and it was the best fire drill i've ever had. seriously, the smoke made me believed that there was a real fire going on.

this happened at 2 in the morning last Monday, and the following day was a real tiring day. i couldn't even function properly, and could sleep after a few words of the novel i'm reading.

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