Friday, December 23, 2011

nappeun namja

That Korean phrase translates to Bad Guy in English.

I heard the guys talked about this one guy who used to be a partner at our outlet a long time ago. He's married and yet he spends time at our outlet with his girlfriend daily. Yes, every single day you can see them lounging around sipping on beverages and going online using the Wi-Fi service available.

And today, he asked a favor from my supervisor to send a gift to another girl who's working in the same row as our outlet. As my supervisor couldn't leave the outlet unattended, he told me to go instead. That other girl is less than half his age. Fresh out of school. And he had the cheek to make me cover his act from his girlfriend..whom just a half hour before was bragging to my supervisor that she treats her guy nicely and he didn't fool around behind her (as if).

That needs a cliche right there and then. What goes around comes around. Simple as it is. Karma. Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you. That is for the girlfriend.

All of us need somebody to pass us the mirror some time, right?

But what about the shameless and heartless guy? Anybody wants to run over somebody? I'll show you a picture of him. Haha.

Okay..seriously. He needs someone to hit him on his head.
This image doesn't even describe the complex situation.
Image via Tecdiary

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