Thursday, December 9, 2010

trip to USS part 2

after taking some pictures in the Madagascar area and looking at the souvenirs available, we moved on to Far Far Away. here, Shrek and the rest of the gang is ready to entertain.

first we went on the roller coaster ride - Enchanted Airways. it was a short ride, but was able to make my head spin a little bit. me and my sister went to queue up first before the others, and after the ride we took some pictures at the opposite of the palace.

then it was time for Shrek 4-D adventure, which was similar to one of the Sentosa attractions. it was a refreshing show, literally. we went out of the palace by walking through the Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop and there is a ferris wheel inside the shop - Magic Potion Spin, meant for children.

Shrek and Fiona were ready for pictures the next time we walked past the tree house (sort of), and again there was a long line waiting for their turn.

next to Far Far Away is The Lost World. yeah, you guessed right. it's dinosaurs' time for action. we walked around to see what they have to offer, and decided to skip the boat ride for later. i opted to ride the Canopy Flier with my dad and youngest brother, while the others checked out the Dino-Soarin. the Canopy Flier made me dizzy again, fortunately most rides like that only took a few minutes. a little girl even cried after the ride ended.

then we waited for everyone to finish before going to lunch. the agent in JB recommended us to eat at the Oasis Spice Cafe in the Ancient Egypt. the same goes for an immigration officer in the Woodlands Checkpoint, he recommended my mom to eat there.

the buffeteria served Mediterranean, Lebanese, Turkish and Indian fares. i'm even impressed with the interior, but i guess i'm just partial to anything with Egyptian theme. i had set 1 - The Sphinx, it had chicken kebabs, chickpeas in spices and other side dishes. forgot to take photo of it, as usual. i was too famished to remember.

after lunch, we ride the desert jeeps in Treasure Hunters coz it was next door to the restaurant. it was a kiddy ride too, but the scenery from the jeep made up for the excitement factor.

i regret not having enough time to ride the indoor roller coaster in Revenge of the Mummy.

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