Monday, February 25, 2013

Family time

My sister came back home, so I took some time off from work. A very much needed break, I would say..considering my health condition.

We went to Legoland down south, with youngest brother out of the picture. It was the first time we went anywhere without him. But USS still trumps Legoland any day, to me and mom.

Enjoy the pictures.

The entrance

The Taj Mahal

Wishing we're in Singapore

Do I need to step on this thing?

Mom and Dad putting out the fire.

Then the next day we went to visit my youngest brother, and we went berserk at Candylicious. 

I should have gotten these huge Pepero for myself.


CS said...

Waaah... enjoying yourself with your family dah tentu seronok, kan? Masa I balik JB in Nov 2012 I sempat ke JPO aje which I find memboringkan. Tak sempat singgah Legoland :-(

PatinPasta said...

Tuh dia.. candyland sungguh! Lepas tu tak hyper ke, terlebih gula? Hehe!

Seronoknye tengok gambor2 your outing kat Legoland. Cahya banyak iras ayah ye? :)

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: Cahya tak pernah jejak kaki kat JPO yet. so tak boleh nak agree ke tak on the boring part. hehe. entah bila nak sampai sana. teringin at least once la kann. memang seronok spending time with family and especially time off from work. hehe. tu yang sampai plan another trip end of this month

cahya indah said...

kak Aida: where are you? takde pun kat insta. Cahya tak minat gula..manis sangat. minat ambil gambar je..hehe. chocolate is better.
Cahya iras dua2, kak. ada yang cakap banyak iras ayah, ada cakap banyak iras mama.