Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life update

I am going to face the moment of truth tomorrow, bracing myself when all the gory images kept pouring in my mind.

Help me God.

Haha, I feel like such a drama queen. There have been a lot of people wearing braces already, and none of them looked like they went through hell and back.
But mom is already thinking about cooking porridge when I arrived at home just now. Okay, I was thinking about it too. I was having a bowl of laksa at Calanthe Art Cafe, and I kept thinking this is the last day I'm going to enjoy eating. Tomorrow will bring a lot of pain to me - not being able to eat normally.

Image via Calanthe
My own view

Love the angels
Well, I have been having a new diet these past few weeks. Starting from when my teeth were removed, and wearing the platform for my palate right to this moment. Now that reminds me of the last couple of weeks, I could get sick again when I can't eat properly anymore. 

I need to calm myself down. I'd have to sleep early and rest all I can tonight.

Maybe not, though :p

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