Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have been meaning to write for quite some time. But things have been getting in the way, especially my phone. I am hooked too much to Instagram and Twitter now. Most of the time, it's Instagram. You don't even need to ask what am I doing, at any given time. If I'm not working, I'd be scrolling down and checking the photos like mad. Now I feel like a freak, who checks out other people's lives incessantly.

Today marks the 10th day I'm wearing braces on my teeth.

On the 6th of March, I went in to see the doctor in a rush, as I tend to be a bit late for most of the appointments (especially after dad stopped coming along because of work) :p
But that day, I felt a bit more guilty. Because usually there would be other patients, who could go in first before I arrive for my turn. This time, it was only me. Okay, apparently he cleared some slots just for me. Never thought of that. Sorry again, doctor.

I opened my mouth, and automatically closed my eyes shut as usual. He asked me something, but I forgot what was the question. It was not about the colors of the braces, because I was ready with the answer. But he never asked the much awaited question. I felt like a school kid, ready with an answer..but the teacher simply skip her and taught something else instead. Oh, never mind. It was not important, really.

I was ready to grip my own hands if the pain came. But actually I never felt pain. He applied composite(?) to my teeth and stuck the brackets on them. Then he put on the wire. It was a bit uncomfortable when the wire was left unattended on one side. The wire poked me in the cheek. Fortunately the doctor realized just in time :p

I was ecstatic with the prospect of eating as normal as possible, because I felt like nothing was different even with the braces on. I was even thinking of having lunch. But after two hours (I think) I started to feel the pressure on my teeth. I felt like my teeth were all glued together. Soooo normal, pfft.

Then I had ulcers in my mouth where the brackets made contact. That hurts. Especially when it's the hot and dry season, and I had to talk a lot. Another thing that came up was when I foolishly ate a bite of hot, hot pie..out of the oven. Serves me right. Now my throat is still wounded and I cannot simply eat everything. All food with hard edges are a no-no. It even hurts when I ate rice sometimes.

Maybe that's a sign that I need to cut down on my food intake..haha.

p/s: I dreamt a weird one last night. I posted a photo up in Instagram of me being in a car with someone. And I was posing like I was going to light up a cigarette. Then someone reported about the photo to mom. I think maybe I was under influence, after what happened to Zara.


ahkakbatik said...

sampai macam tu sekali yea tak selesanya. anak kaktek tak pernah komplen...dotor pun heran.
kata takmo makan sebab sakit gigi tapi habis jugak 2 pinggan... lenkali kena buat braces masa awal teen la kurang sikit ngada2 manjang komplen je tu. ^_^

cahya indah said...

lambatnya sy reply comment auntie..hehe. sy pun tak komplen kat doktor sebab masa baru pasang je macam tu. susah nak makan pun sebab tekak luka tu. pastu asyik la makan.