Monday, January 28, 2013


Life is all about the bitterness. When, how, why..

Now, that depends.
Who will know just why you met the people you have no intention to even lay your eyes on?
Who have any idea just what were you thinking when you did that awful thing, which you want to be kept as a secret for life?
How can you know that after that one smile, you are to receive that bad news and become a different person altogether?

And life is also about how you savor the sweetness that comes with that, or even afterwards.

Just like how we paired the sweet Blueberry muffin with the coffee.
We finished off the muffin first apparently :p
Image via Insta

Bittersweet life :)

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PatinPasta said...

Like they sing it "What doesn't kill you makes you strongeeeeeer.. la la la la" :)

Have a lovely weekend!