Friday, January 25, 2013


Our company is growing bigger and bigger and so we need to hire more people to fill up the empty spots. The first batch in our store (with me as one of the trainer :p) has been with us for one month plus, I think and so now it's the start for the second batch. But since they haven't worked that long and we don't usually work the same shift, I haven't had much interactions with them.

Then this one guy said to me today, "I think you look very familiar. What's your name?" I thought he was talking to somebody else coz he was actually standing behind me in the bar at that time. Then when he pointed out that he was really talking to me, I was thinking - do I really have a lot of 'twins'? I've been getting that since junior high.

I just laughed and did not say anything. But he was persistent in wanting to know if I am the one he was talking about. He said, "Seriously, tell me which elementary school did you attend?"

That made me laugh out more. He wanted to know so much that I asked him back, "How old are you now?"

When he said he's 23, I laughed again and said "There you go. You've got the answer."

There's no way I am that girl he went to school with.


PatinPasta said...

Orang kata (tak tau la sapa..hehe), kita ada 7 copies. Entah betul twin Cahya sama sekolah dengan dia?

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Perhaps u are the senior?
Who knows?


cahya indah said...

kak Aida, that's what I heard too. tu yang kata ramai twins. smpai rs cam lebih 7 dah ni :p

cahya indah said...

zara: dear, kalau senior pun, I would be 12 when he's just 8. would he still remember? maybe kalau one year apart is quite possible la kan. takpe nanti i check back with